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10 March 2021

Understanding Cloud Services to Boost Your Business

In the digital economy, technology is more available to improve the business. It’s no longer about the hardware or software, but the saving of data on the cloud, which can make the business easier to access the data to improve their business. Cloud storage and cloud communication is a cloud computing system to save data on the internet system. Data on the cloud can be accessed from everywhere and for every stakeholder in your company. 

There are some benefits of public cloud for your business:

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Implementing technology for the business requires high cost, from preparing the hardware, software, and IT team to manage and develop it. The public cloud is the way to implement the technology at an affordable cost. You can do it on a ‘pay as you use’ scheme and the cloud provider will provide the cloud storage to maintain the system. This advantage can help the small-medium enterprise to save and process their data for improving the business.

  1. Accessible 

In the gig economy that we should access everything in everywhere, public cloud can help you to make it possible, especially if you have a remote team for your business. As an owner of the business, if you give access to another stakeholder, they can access the data in a short time.

  1. Data Recovery

We can not predict when the troubles will come. When that moment comes and disturbs our business, having a backup can help us to solve the problem. The public cloud makes it possible to see the history of data and recover your data quickly even though you have a technical problem when accessing the data.

Public cloud is one of any type of cloud computing, but they have the same principle to save and process the data on the cloud. There are three types of cloud computing that you can consider for your business

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Almost everyone is familiar with this system, that we have known such as Gmail or google drive from google. The user doesn’t not have to install the software and acquire specific hardware to use the system. You just downloaded it onto your system to use it on your system. SaaS gives you the flexibility to manage your data and storage.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This system allows you to leverage your service level agreement (SLA) to host your servers and storage infrastructure.  The providers will host your businesses hardware, software, and allows you to have access to computers, data storage, and network features. IaaS enables you to keep control of the data over your IT resources.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This cloud computing is more advanced than others. It can enable your IT department to handle the initiation of applications in your business, such as web applications. This system allows you to avoid concerns about maintaining software, fix operating bugs, and worry about planning for storage issues.

Knowing the benefits and the types of cloud computing, Telkom DWS provides cloud communication to help you improve your business. From the many scales of business, considering cloud computing can give an impact especially on the effectiveness of running your business. Any cloud computing can be suitable for your business requirements, and we’re here to assist you gain the best from the feature.

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