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27 December 2022

Understanding the Role of the Data Center in the Digital Era

In the digital era, many activities have changed form and have become completely digital and connected to the internet. However, as a decision maker for a large company like you, of course you need to understand more about the role of the data center in the digital era. Let's learn more.

Data Center and the Era of Digitalization

After the first industrial era at the end of the 8th century and the second industrial revolution in the mid-19th century, the digital era was present as part of the third industrial era. The era of digital transformation is a step in improving performance and for companies and individuals who are changing the way business is done by increasingly prioritizing customers, empowering resources, and changing internal business processes—by leveraging digital expertise and technology.

The data center is one of the main pillars that plays an important role in the development of digital transformation, especially for many companies. If the steam engine became an important factor in the first industrial revolution and petroleum became a marker in the second industrial revolution, then in the third industrial revolution the data center is the main force for digital transformation.

In the 19th century, a data center was understood to be just a physical room filled with computer equipment. But by entering the era of digital transformation, the space is transformed into something virtual, ubiquitous, and integrated into the lives of companies and individuals. The development of the data center is supported by other digital advances, such as big data, social networks and the internet, mobile devices, cloud and the Internet of Things.

The Role of Data Centers in the Digital Age

Your company needs to consider using a data center so that it can adapt in this digital era. Here are some data center roles in the digital era.

  1. The data center plays a role in supporting the acceleration of your business growth and expansion. By using a data center, your company can enter new market niches with lower overhead costs, reduced latency to end-users, and almost seamlessly. In simple terms, the role of a data center in the digital era helps you save time and costs required in hiring IT resources.
  2. The data center plays a role in creating an ecogreen environment. With an increase in the capacity and scope of a business, the consumption of energy resources has the potential to increase as well. Conversely, by using a data center, your company will reduce the consumption of energy resources and be more environmentally friendly.
  3. The data center plays a role in improving aspects of security and accountability. Every company certainly wants to maintain the security of its customers' data, so you need to look for a data center service provider that has global security certification as an important factor. So it is understandable that the role of the data center in the digital era is to help secure data from your company.

By understanding the role of the data center in the digital era, you certainly need to consider the right data center service provider for your business. Telkom DWS can be your best choice! With experience in technology and information, we can help with your digital needs.

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