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07 June 2021

Utilize VoIP for Business: Why It Makes Sense

Telephony system is one of the important things to connect and communicate with your customers. With a phone, customers can ask for your help and get an explanation about your service. As a business owner you can get insight from them by customer service support to improve your business.

While using a traditional telephone line is oldies and you need more improvement, you can consider utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a phone system through the internet. The voice conversations were digitized and routed through the internet. 

It can be more effective for your business because the system can do phone-calls and record the conversation at the same time. It can help you to monitor the conversation.

Many people think that business VoIP is only for big corporations with a complex system. However all of the business including small businesses, especially selling the services can be more improved with VoIP. It can help you to have a good relationship with your customers and make it easier to introduce your new products. 

Installing a VoIP system to your business is easy. You need a computer or another device to install the system and computer software records your voice into digital signal instantly.

There are some benefits of using VoIP for your business. Here are some advantages,

1. Multi-functionality

VoIP allows you to make and receive calls. The customers can tell their problem or ask for an explanation of your products or services and you can introduce or upsell your products. 

This channel communications make you get direct insights from customers. The voice from the customer when you make a phone call to sell your services, can be a command and agreement to using your services. 

All of the conversation will be recorded by the system to avoid you from complaining. While you hire a customer service or telemarketing to handle the customers, VoIP allows you to monitor their performance from this voice recording feature.

2.  Cost-Effective

Traditional phone systems will charge you based on the frequency of phone calls and phone types. Because of VoIP utilizing the internet service, you need to pay monthly-billing. 

It is the same with subscribing to the system to improve your business. Before you choose the services, make sure the service is covered.

3. Mobility

Because of internet based services, you can use VoIP systems anywhere. VoIP allows you to make and receive voice calls from multiple devices, depending on where the VoIP system is installed. It allows all your team to handle the customers’ phones. 

VoIP also allows you to transfer calls to your co-workers without requiring customers to call another number. The system will inform your other co-workers whether or not you’re available to take calls.

Considering the communication channel system may improve your business. It can make your customers more loyal and recommend them to their collages. 

Telkom DWS allows you to choose the VoIP system based on your business needs. It can maybe depend on your customer that you handle in usual or based on your business projection.

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