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11 November 2020

Reach Your Campaign Goals with SMS

Implementing agile business, companies nowadays are looking for marketing campaign tools that can quickly reach out to their potential customers without spending too much. One of the best technologies that can help businesses to reach their campaign goals is SMS. It is an effective, affordable, and powerful tool that can reach more people and have a higher response rate than other channels. 

Based on TextMagic, there are as many as 50% of mobile phone users that are not using smartphones, yet there are more than 5 billion people in the world who can send and receive text messages. Not only that, according to SMS Bump, SMS have a 209% higher response rate compared to other marketing channels such as phone calls, email, and facebook, with nearly 30% of the customers responding to your SMS and almost 50% of the responders will make a purchase. This statistic shows that the marketing Return of Investment for SMS is significantly higher than other channels. New to SMS marketing? Here is how to utilize this powerful technology to drive better marketing campaigns.

Set the campaign objectives and grow your subscriber list

There are many ways how SMS can help you drive your marketing campaign. Therefore, before executing your SMS campaign, it is important to first set up the campaign objectives. SMS can be used to raise your brand awareness, create a promotion to increase sales, or even improve customer satisfaction and retention through a reminder campaign. Once you set your objectives, then the next thing that you need to do is to analyze your target audience and grow your subscriber list from there.

Develop a clear "Call-to-Action" messages

When executing your SMS campaign, it is very important to make sure that your messages have a clear “Call-to-Action” that is presented in a way that the recipient understands what to do and therefore can be converted into leads or potential customers that will bring business value for your company. Building a creative “Call-to-Action” message is the one of the most important aspects in driving engagement with your audience.

Start your campaign and track the results

Once you’ve sent your SMS campaign, the next key action is to start tracking the result. It is important to invest in SMS campaign tools that can provide you the report of the statistics and traffic analysis of SMS sent, as well as the response rate in order to determine the success of your campaign, learn in detail and real-time about any improvement required and therefore allow you to develop strategies to adjust your plan based on the result. 

SMS is a powerful marketing campaign tool that is not yet fully utilized by many businesses. It is cheaper, has a wider reach, and proven to have higher open and response rate and therefore achieve higher ROI compared to other channels. Understanding all the benefits and the step by step on how to reach your campaign goals with SMS A2P Indonesia, you can create a well-defined marketing campaign that will help you gain a competitive edge and win the market. Start your SMS campaign now!

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