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07 June 2021

Supporting ISP with Wholesale Tv Box

Technology is changing our society and daily life, including how we consume video content. There are some companies providing video on-demand (VoD) services, in order to elevate entertainment choices for their customers - especially, as we are now recommended more to stay at home instead of filling the leisure time with going out. Maybe you are one of those enthusiast subscribers of one or more VoD services. 

In the past, we were familiar with some cable or satellite pay-TV services that can provide VoD. We have to subscribe to cable pay-TV to enjoy their film. 

Nowadays, most of the VoD services use over-the-top (OTT) services to watch their videos. It can allow people to stream across different devices whenever they want. 

Watching the movies or the series on OTT services requires an internet service and Smart TV. Not all TVs are Smart TV, but you can change your regular TV to SmartTV with a box-like device. 

It can help connect your TV with internet services to access the OTT services. So, before you subscribe to OTT service, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Sometimes your internet service package does not provide video on-demand access, so you need to subscribe to a video on-demand services provider, and vice versa. 

To make your access more convenient, Telkom DWS provides you with VoD services that can provide and connect to OTT service with IndiBox.

What is Wholesale Tv Box and How Does It Work?

Wholesale Tv Box is a service for OTT with ISP’s subscriber base. It can connect your TV with an internet connection to access OTT services from Telkom. With these tools, you can watch video premium content from VoD services by Telkom. 

The tools from Wholesale Tv Box turn your TV into an external screen from your smartphone. You are not only controlling the TV or Wholesale Tv Box with remote control, but you can use your smartphone to control what movies or series you want to stream. 

IndiBox has been supported with voice command, so it is easier to control and access the movie. If you subscribe to internet service from Telkom, you can easily add Wholesale Tv Box services. 

You can access premium content such as from Netflix, Disney Hotstar+, etc from your smartphone and you can stream it to your TV.

IndiBox can help ISPs business

Internet access has become a necessity to almost all of the people. It can leverage your business to access and manage your data, but on the other side, the internet can also fulfill the entertainment needed, especially if your area doesn't have access for VoD services. 

In the hospitality industry, making your customers more comfortable is an important thing. Providing internet service is a must, but when you can add OTT services, you can make your customer more comfortable and it can leverage your business.

Wholesale Tv Box from Telkom has an advantage to access areas without VoD services. With these advantages too, Telkom is consistent with their purpose to be the ultimate Indonesian Content Gateway.

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