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09 August 2022

Why Data is Important for Your Business

Data is essential for any kind of business – whether big or small. Because of their larger teams and expenditures, bigger companies can afford to gather and evaluate more data than smaller ones. However, the advantages of adopting data analytics go past size – they also give you a strategic advantage in today's fast-paced economy. The goal is to determine what kind of data will help your enterprise the most, so you can allocate your time and resources accordingly.

A study by Forbes reveals that 59% of businesses utilize data analytics in various ways to improve their decision-making process and overall corporate performance. Read on as we unravel the reality behind data and big data existence and how you can use it to scale up your business. 

What is Data, and why does Big Data Exist? 

As we have already seen, data is an essential part of any business. However, larger companies and giant corporations need to store, transmit and manage large quantities of data. This is usually called big data. It refers to massive, difficult-to-manage amounts of data - both organized and unstructured - that overwhelm enterprises daily. 

But, it is not only the type or quantity of data that is significant; it is what businesses do with the vital data. Big data may be studied to get insights that optimize decision-making and provide certainty in important business decisions.

Big Data Analytics as a part to power up the business

Big data has come with many benefits for businesses. It offers an opportunity for analytics on user behavior that helps companies get optimum selling points for their products and services. Big data is a concept that has been in use for many years and has undergone several upgrades. In the past, data analysts used hand-typed spreadsheet data that was manually analyzed. This process would take a lot of time and effort and cause inaccuracies. 

When it comes to big data, technological advancements have changed the game. Advanced software solutions significantly cut analytics time – allowing businesses to make quick decisions that can improve revenue, reduce expenses, and promote growth. This provides a competitive edge to companies that can work quicker and more specifically reach their clients.

Msight by Telkom is among the best big data products in the market with unmatched user experience. Here are some ways that Msight big data analytics will improve the scalability of your business.  

● Streamline management of resources in your business

● Boosts efficiency of operations

● Improves product development 

● Increases revenue for businesses and enables growth

● Improves decision-making in a business

Big Data to enrich your customer experience

Consumers nowadays are informed and know their priorities. They research and evaluate several alternatives before purchasing a product. They even communicate with businesses via social media and expect special treatment. Most clients want to be acknowledged for buying a company's items.

Big Data helps an enterprise to profile such clients comprehensively. This enables a company to interact one-on-one with customers in real-time. It ensures that your business offers a competitive customer experience and high-quality services. 

In conclusion, data and big data analytics significantly impact businesses. Msight is a big data product that helps improve the efficiency of running a business. It analyzes the customer's pain points and gives the best solution possible. 

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