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21 April 2021

Managed Your Technology to Increase Your Business

Utilizing technology can help your business stay relevant with your customers and make your business more efficient. 

Sophisticated technology shouldn’t be a luxury - with technology, you can save & manage every data that your business requires. 

However, to maximize the technology you should build an IT team to manage your data system and everything around it. Yet, it depends on the personnel arrangement within your company. 

If your organization is just getting started, this in-house, dedicated team is not necessary; but you still need technology to run your business.

Having an internal IT team to maintain and manage your data is an investment on its own. First of all, you should train the candidates and pay their overtime when there are some troubles to fix, before it disturbs your business.

What is Managed IT Services?

We all understand the importance of IT for the business, and we recognize the need for a team to manage it. In Telkom DWS we can call it Managed IT Services. 

Managed IT Services refers to a way to hire outsource mainte0ce and repairs experts. The functions of Managed IT Services include: Network administration, data backup, network security, communications, and IT support.

Managed IT Services will collaborate with your in-house IT department or other PIC personnel in your organization. They can manage the data and the system based on what your business needs. 

Hiring Managed IT Services can improve your small business to play at the same level as middle-market and enterprise-level organizations. This is one of the benefits of Managed IT Service.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

After we know about Managed IT Services and the importance of technology for our business, here some benefits of Managed IT Services:

1.  Focus on Your Core Objectives

Sometimes, by hiring third parties, you can focus more on your core objectives. If you decide to hire Managed IT Services, they can coordinate all tasks about the technology system for your business, based on your requirements. 

It can be different if you run an in-house IT department and manage everything internally. On one side, you have full control, but on the other side, you probably lose your focus.

2. The Expertise that You Need

It can be the advantages, especially if you are getting started your business and have a small team on entry level. Managed IT Services have the experience and knowledge from a variety of different industries to bring on the table. 

They always update their knowledge with the new technology that can support your business. You can discuss your concern on your business that can be supported by Managed IT Services.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency 

Outsourcing the Managed IT Services saves you from the requirement to train your team about the IT system that you need for your business. Training the team to improve your IT business system requires your time and investment, in order to improve your business’ IT system. 

In the long term, you should consider the overtime HR cost of your employee, especially when you find a problem that must be solved as soon as possible. Hiring Managed IT Services enables you to pay based on what you require from them.

With the Managed IT Services your business can be more efficient in the system. With the advanced system, your business can run automatically by the system. The more efficient the business, the more profit and impact can be resulted.

4. Cloud-Based Services

The IT system for your business makes you have the flexibility to access the data. When you hire managed IT services, you can require cloud-based services to access all of the data that you need. Additionally, you can ask for the managed data to help you get the data to make a decision for your business.

The flexibility of Managed IT Services can help you to focus on your business. Our Managed Service can support your technology. It enables you to improve your new business, to elevate to the next level.

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