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04 August 2020

Transforming Customer Support

Poor customer service and communication can lead to business loss and become disastrous to the company's chance of success and winning the market. Based on the SuperOffice Customer Service Benchmark Report, 80% of companies believe that they provide superior customer service, while only 8% of customers believe that they receive superior service. Similarly, a study from Accenture shows that 52% customers switched providers last year in search of better customer service, while 73% said that they expected customers to be easier, faster and more convenient than it currently is. It shows that business needs new approaches in technological innovation to bridge this gap and deliver the customer experience that people demand.

Seeing a significant growth in enterprise investment in Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that is forecasted by Juniper Research to be quadruple over the next few years to $6.7bn by 2022, it is safe to say that this technology is highly considered as one of the best transformation tools to help companies stay on top of technological innovation and meet changing consumer expectation head-on.

Respond instantly and commit to make your customer's live easier

CPaaS platforms will allow developers to add real-time communication features (voice, video and messaging) to the company's website, system, or application without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces, minimizing the cost of building and maintaining infrastructure, as well as the cost and effort related to the human resources. As a result, developers can free up a huge amount of their time, allowing them to focus solely on the development and deployment of innovative new communications applications, thus reducing time to market.

Seamlessly deliver continuous improvement to perfect your customer journey

Many businesses and enterprises are now using CPaaS to seamlessly add new functionality to their existing applications without compromising or disrupting their customer journey. By implementing CPaaS, companies can fast-track the development of their new communication applications to help them attract and retain customers. Not only that, as the CPaaS environment is always updated with the latest communication formats, businesses can stay ahead and effectively future-proof themselves to the adaptation and integration of the new communication technology before their competitors.

Deliver contextual and personalized communication across platforms

To have a better-performing website, system, and apps that are relevant and satisfying, businesses need to design their communication platform to be contextual and personalized. CPaaS technology can provide automated, personalized communications based on a user’s previous interaction. This ability will significantly increase customer experience as users will have those “ah-ha” moments and make them feel valued. In addition, CPaaS can also give the customers every opportunity for effective communication of their choice across platforms with the use of APIs.

As good communication is now synonymous with excellent customer services, the implementation of CPaaS can be a game-changer in delivering relevant and personalized customer experience to win the battle for the customer of tomorrow. As an emerging technology, CPaaS is helping companies stay on top of technological innovation, meet changing consumer expectations, and deliver a customer support transformation by responding instantly and perfecting the customer journey with seamless delivery in contextual and personalized communication across platforms.

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