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14 December 2021

Dive Deeper into Consumer’s Lifestyle

Like it or not, we live in a segmented world. Marketers have been highly aware of this condition for decades. Even in conventional marketing strategies, customers have been profiled according to different categories, at least their demographics. In the digital age, customer segmentation is elevated even further as the rise of echo chambers gives people many spaces and labels to which they attach themselves. In other words, customer segmentation has never been more tangible ever since we get internet connection in the palm of our hands. 

The Importance of Understanding Customer Lifestyle

As your business segments its customers and finds its niche, the ocean of data you gather can only be relevant once you attempt to understand your customer’s habits. Knowing customer’s likes, dislikes, regular habits, and tendencies will significantly help your business improve its conversion rates. And the quickest way to understand these is to take a closer look at your customers’ lifestyle. The importance of data on customer lifestyle cannot be understated for several reasons including but not limited to:

• Becoming the brand that is simply not annoying

Let’s face it, irrelevant ads are annoying. And things can be worse when the irrelevant come in the form of unskippable 30-second YouTube ads (We all know that we would hit the skip button as soon as possible if a YouTube ad isn’t something related to our lives). What sometimes gets overlooked is that irrelevant ad isn’t only bad for customers, but it’s also bad for business. Aside from wasting a sum of marketing cost, irrelevant ads can be annoying, and that could hurt your brand image. Data on customer lifestyle could help you reach the exact market segment that you wish to communicate to.

• Giving your customer personalized experience

If customers hate irrelevant ads, it simply means that brands need to make relevant ads for their customer base. According to Marketing Dive, 71% of consumers actually like personalized ads. People like to be understood, and this means an opportunity that your brand can tap into by creating personalized ads. And there’s no better insight materials than data on consumer lifestyle. Your customers might be an avid online shopper, gamer, or binge-watcher. Using the correct language and conveying the correct message to a certain market segment can definitely improve the success rate of your business’ communication.

• Staying ahead of the competition

It’s just common sense to know that you can lead the competition by understanding what your customers are up to. As previously mentioned, data on customer lifestyle allows you to use relevant communication devices, which improves brand awareness, customer relations and the likelihood of retention. There are many cases where marketing campaigns fail because a company doesn’t understand their customers’ habits and tendencies. Your business can avoid this pitfall and have a head start once the data on customer lifestyle is at your hand.

MSIGHT Provides Lifestyle Insight for Your Business

So how can your business gather accurate data on customer lifestyle? Most institutions would make the mistake of relying on surveys, which in fact dissatisfy most customers, according to data from Bain. Instead of doing conventional surveys, institutions can easily get lifestyle insights from Telkomsel’s MSIGHT. Managed by the most reliable provider in Indonesia, MSIGHT is a tool that can give you comprehensive data on what your customers like, allowing your business to make better decisions and improve strategies for reaching out to customers.

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