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08 September 2021

Revolutionize Your Business Communication with OCA

Business communications is changing now, with more brands and institutions than ever optimizing their digital channels. Nowadays, the brands and institutions have also started to integrate the management of their various communication channels — from chatboxes and call centers to WhatsApp and SMS — into a single management platform, called communications platform as a solution (CPaaS).

In Indonesia, a CPaaS called omni-channel assistant (OCA) is ready to transform business communications, helping brands and institutions revolutionize the way they broadcast their campaigns. OCA comprises a diverse range of features to make internal and external communications easier. OCA is suitable for any kinds of organizations, from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to big enterprises.

What is OCA and what can it do?

Putting it briefly, the OCA turns what used to be sporadic and unorganized business communication activity into a comprehensive and more coordinated one. These functionalities of the OCA fit neatly with the shifting characteristics of today’s consumers, which have adopted multi-channel communication, prioritizing online communications with high expectations that brands will respond to their queries as soon as possible.

In line with these characteristics, the OCA boosts consumers’ awareness about products, campaigns and brands, while boosting their satisfaction with its efficiency and effectiveness, thus helping brands gain competitive advantage over competitors. OCA supports all communication channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, email and many more, capable of serving as a platform for push notification and contact center.

OCA Blast’s functionalities and features

Nowadays, sending messages in bulk into target audience’s smartphones/personal devices has been the preferred business communications method for various institutions. The OCA Blast gives clients value-added mass communication solution as it has features which can boost consumer experience when they receive messages. The OCA Blast also verifies brands’ account while masking their numbers across all channel. When there is a message delivery failure in one channel, say WhatsApp, the OCA will automatically send the message to the target audience’s other communication channel, say SMS or email, to ensure the message gets delivered. 

The OCA also automates the sending schedule of your messages, while using dynamic content to automatically mention the receiver’s name. It also allows you to send files, pictures, videos and locations to complement your messages.

It is also complemented with several IVRs, including multiple choice, collect number, record speech and connect to different channels. This makes for great promotional campaigns and public service ads. The OCA is also offering secure one-time password (OTP) function which enables online user identity verification to enhance digital security. It can also send users reminders to renew subscription packages and pay monthly bills.

Broadcast with precision

The OCA also collects consumer data, which allows it to create demographic segmentation of different target audience with different preferences and characteristics. With this, you can tailor your campaign materials to target different audiences and the OCA will automatically sort out these tailored messages to make sure they are sent to the right targets. 

For instance, when you are sending an SMS offering a promo of your special vegetarian menu to people living in Jakarta, it can help you identify numbers which might be interested in your offer (for instance, health-conscious people, 30 and above, mostly female).

So, are you interested to try OCA to boost your business communication?

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