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21 December 2021

MSIGHT Guarantees Data Privacy and Security

The cost of misunderstanding can be high. This is true especially in the context of business. An IDC report in 2016 stated that $3.1 trillion was lost each year because of mismanagement of data analysis. Logically, companies invest on insights from big data, given that such loss can be avoided with the assistance of technology. Findstack.com stated that 97.2% of organizations have made investments in AI and big data, and the value of the big data market will reach $103 billion in 2027. All these statistics point to the fact that insights are not vain investments.

Gaining business insights can help a lot of aspects in your businesses. For starters, insights can help you avoid unnecessary loss, effectively cutting down risks and costs. Insights will also help you stay ahead of the competition, as information can assist you to have a head start and make precise business decisions before your competitors do. Insights also cut down the time it takes for analyzing and reporting, efficiently increasing your organization’s productivity. For these benefits, businesses have turned to reliable insight tools like MSIGHT.

What is MSIGHT?

MSIGHT is a tool that utilizes anonymized customer data and turns them into marketing insights for companies. Connected to the massive data of hundreds of billions of customers, MSIGHT synthesizes relevant insights that can be analyzed based on user demographic profiles. It offers a 360-degree view of certain consumers whose observable behaviors on the internet are similar with one another. As a tool, MSIGHT can be an effective instrument that shares inputs for business owners on how to communicate with their customers.

So what makes MSIGHT different from other insight tools? As mentioned before, MSIGHT’s advantage lies in the amount of data. As Telkomsel hosts more than 140 million users, businesses can gain the best insights related to customer movement, demographics, and psychographics. The massive amount of data is also accompanied by quick and deep data analysis, helping clients make faster and more accurate business decisions. MSIGHT also comes with insights on risk, mobility, lifestyle, etc, offering the best insights that can assist our clients’ planning.

To complement all that, the MSIGHT team is also committed to deliver excellent service. MSIGHT’s data experts come from a wide array of backgrounds and industries. Behind the desk, there are people with expertise on research, e-commerce, banking, and analytics. This wide range of backgrounds allows our team to synthesize relevant information and gather the best insights for businesses, and these pieces of information will be relevant for MSIGHT’s partners to solve their problems. The diversity of expertise is the key to MSIGHT’s excellent service.

What about data privacy and security?

Data privacy and security is an important aspect of our MSight operation. Due to the massive amount of data that MSIGHTt hosts, it is reasonable to address concerns about privacy and security, especially from the end-user perspective. Hosting the data of more than 140 million people is a great responsibility, and as a company, Telkomsel is highly committed to issues of data privacy and security. What about MSIGHT, then? Isn’t MSIGHT a tool that gathers insight from customer data? How can user data privacy and security be guaranteed?

To address these concerns, it is important to note that MSIGHT provides insights based on data, instead of customer data per se. In Telkomsel’s operations, the security of customer personal data is guaranteed. MSIGHT analyzes collective behavior based on the data. These analyses are then presented to businesses as insights that can help them strategize better. Telkomsel’s customer data is never shared by other parties. Therefore, clients can rest assured that they get pure insights instead of raw customer data.

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