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05 October 2021

Experience Top-Notch Video, Audio and Messaging with Neupals

Marketing is a dynamic part of business that keeps on adjusting itself with customer habits and latest technological updates. Telemarketing with audio calls, for example, has been around since the 1960s. Three years after inter-provider SMS was available, commercial mobile SMS service was launched in 2002. Nowadays, with decent internet connectivity in mostly major urban areas around the world, webinars through video calls have also been used for marketing purposes.

After Industrial Revolution 4.0, millions of people around the world use smartphones. Consequently, marketing strategies have transformed to apps. The utilization of different marketing channels, nonetheless, may create unnecessary hassles for businesses if not organized properly… which is why CPaaS is very lucrative for many organizations. It simplifies marketing channels and customer experience. With CPaaS, reaching out to customers become much simpler and easier. 

If you’re looking for a CPaaS to help you reach your customers better, look no further than NeuPals. NeuPals replaces the complicated process of managing customer relation through conventional channels, offering ease of access for you to access voice calls, audio calls, and messaging from one hub. How do these features work in NeuPals? The best way to know is to experience the product itself, but in case you need a heads-up, here are some examples of how NeuPals features can help your business reach your customers effectively.

Premium Video Call Experiences

With NeuPals, your customers can get what the best that your business can offer: in-person communication with the best video call experiences and collaborative tools. NeuPals’ screen sharing feature minimizes the risk for miscommunication and optimizes your demo, training, or customer guidance. Complimenting this, whiteboarding feature allows you to write or sketch on a virtual whiteboard space. The utilization of H.323, SIPP, or WebRTC format and cloud-based services also eases your app’s connection to audio-video conferencing deployments.

Crystal Clear, Collaborative Audio Calls

NeuPals offers audio call experiences with the best audio quality, which is available for both one-on-one and group calls. Conduct more focused group communication with NeuPals, which can host up to 16 participants. Tired of boring, downbeat, conventional calls? NeuPals provides social media features such as comments, likes, responses, and feedbacks, giving both you and your customers more space for real-time interactions. Inter-operate your audio (and video) conferences with NeuPals’ telepresence and collaborative solutions.

Easy, Secure, and Humane Messaging

Messaging has never been this easy. With NeuPals, you can send direct messages to individual customers/clients or within group chats. Use anonymous messaging feature to send your message anonymously, or set a self-destruct timer for confidential messages. For other specific purposes, messages can also be confirmed upon receiving. Wanna reach out to your customers with more humane, less-robotic tone? NeuPals’ stickers can be used in chats, opening up more opportunities for lively customer interactions.

At this point, you might be thinking, “NeuPals sounds like an awesome service with high level of profitability. Can I resell it?” We bring you good news: NeuPals is a white-labeled service, so you can resell NeuPals service with ease and comfortability. If your clients need a reliable CPaaS service, NeuPals can provide a solution for the needs of your business and that of your clients. Do not hesitate to contact us now for further information about NeuPals, and we will be more than happy to cater for your business needs.

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