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09 April 2021

Omni-channel communications platform as a solution for apps developer

Omnichannel communications solution has helped so many businesses market their products to previously untapped new customers. The omnichannel communications solution, provided through the communications platform as a solution (CPaaS) system, is focusing on delivering a consistent experience across all devices and platforms, including mobile OS systems and the web.

The CPaaS system has a competitive advantage as a platform of choice for the brands developing their own mobile apps. First off, the omni-channel nature of the CPaaS platform is highly consumer-focused on its marketing approach, thereby allowing customers to have more ease and flexibility in buying products. Second off, the CPaaS platform also works across different digital devices.

A person who has browsed a particular product on an e-commerce platform on his laptop but has postponed his intention to buy the product might eventually purchase the product later upon browsing social media on his smartphone and the product’s ad appears there. Thanks to the seamless shopping experience across the channels offered by omnichannel marketing, the CPaaS system offers you an ideal platform to develop and use your brand’s mobile app, helping you be flexible and versatile in your marketing strategy. 

The omnichannel nature of the CPaaS system also helps brands cross boundaries between physical and digital retailers. For instance, a customer who inspects the details of products they are seeing on a brick-and-mortar store using a smartphone but not buying the product might do so later upon seeing the product’s ad on a website browsed on a laptop. In the end, he purchases the goods on an online store. The beauty of the CPaaS system is that it allows you to manage these different platforms, which operate under different devices, within just one shot, under the same system.

How to engage your customers effectively using CPaaS solutions?

The omnichannel marketing through the CPaaS solution can convert new customers through impressive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Beyond these, there are other strategies you can use to maximize your CPaaS-based mobile app marketing strategies…

First of all, you can base your observation on your customers’ behaviors on their shopping behavior through the mobile app. From this general trend, you can personalize your marketing messages to cater to different consumer demographics. Through the in-app behavior tracking and monitoring, you can further refine your omni-channel marketing strategies and activities. Then, power your marketing activities and strategies with compelling storytelling techniques to supplement the clear marketing strategies and activities you have devised.

Finally, use headless CMS, which will serve as the backend content repository which connects your CPaaS systems to various frontends via APIs, thus allowing you to conduct your marketing activities via infinite gadgets and platforms.

It's good news for Indonesian market, Telkom DWS CPaaS has an easy-to-use self-service API platform that makes it easier for developers to create their own communication flow, without having to build their own from scratch. It becomes easier for developers to create and add communication services to their existing applications and back-end system, compared to when they have to sign up for such services to an SMS aggregator or other communications provider. With the online service delivery, developers can sign up for CPaaS services and access resources easily online (e.g. API documents, rate cards) Hence, it is also more cost-efficient for developers.

Furthermore, Telkom DWS CPaaS is continuously developing their service portfolio in accordance with customer needs. Telkom DWS has started out simply offering SMS and voice APIs, but now we have steadily added new APIs and API platforms (e.g. video, chat, chatbots) and invested in our underlying communications delivery networks. 

In terms of pricing model for those who are interested to use our service, Telkom DWS offers a usage based business model. Developers and enterprises typically pay only for what they use per month (e.g. phone numbers, sms, voice minutes). So they don't have to sign a long contract (unless other circumstances are considered). Our CPaaS system through NeuAPIx also provides global communication networks through bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC). NeuAPIx has extensive global coverage with dedicated PoP worldwide that will connect customer's premises to various Other License Operators (OLOs) in line with customer needs.

Visit our website at mycarrier.telkom.co.id/cpaas to find out more about our CPaaS product.

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