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31 October 2022

Understand the Difference between Cloud for Your Business

For those of you who have a business, of course, optimizing the latest technology is one of the steps to develop a business. One of the technologies that needs to be optimized is the use of the cloud, where there are several types of clouds that your organization can take advantage of; Let's first get to know the difference between public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Whether you realize it or not, a lot of the activities you do lately use the cloud system! Starting from playing games, watching movie series and also completing office work. Amazing isn't it?!

Recognizing the cloud by understanding the differences between public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, it will be easier for you to optimize aspects of technological advancements in your business.

Get to know Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that functions to store or access a program, application, or data through the internet. This is a breakthrough where previously storage using hard drives in laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones, can now be accessed without having to focus on specific hardware. 

In general, cloud computing can be categorized into three types, namely:

  • Public cloud, which is a type of cloud computing that sends data over the internet and is shared throughout the organization or company. Public cloud is the most popular type of cloud computing that offers many choices in terms of computing solutions and resources to meet the increasing needs of organizations or companies.
  • Private cloud, which is a type of cloud computing dedicated only to a certain organization or company. Private cloud is a type of cloud that is specifically for the use of one organization or company. By using a private cloud, you don't share cloud computing resources with other organizations or companies.
  • Hybrid cloud, which is a type of cloud that combines characters from both public cloud and private cloud. Hybrid cloud is a type of cloud that combines public cloud and private cloud, where a company can use private cloud for internal corporate IT and equipped with public cloud infrastructure to accommodate occasional traffic spikes.

Differences between Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid cloud based on their advantages

Public cloud offers advantages in the form of:

  • High elasticity and scalability;
  • Because it is subscription-based, costs are relatively low;
  • There is a freemium option, or by subscription method, where you are charged based on what you consume.

Private clouds offer advantages in the form of:

  • An ecosystem that is exclusively used only by your company is not accessible to other organizations or companies;
  • Security customizations, where you can create strict regulations to keep all employees in place security protocols, configurations, and measures based on requirements;
  • Adjustable usage scale by increasing capacity through the addition of existing hardware resources such as SSD, Memory; 
  • Performance efficiency where you can use a high Service Level Agreement according to company needs;
  • Infrastructure flexibility where your company can use cloud services as disaster recovery, to backup data and applications in case of unwanted things.

Advantages of using hybrid cloud:

  • Diverse flexible options, where you can apply policies related to distributing workloads across public and private infrastructure environments based on security, performance, and cost requirements;
  • Security aspects to consider, where you can use a public cloud environment without exposing sensitive IT workloads to security risks; the inherent;
  • Reliable in data distribution, where you can distribute data across multiple datacenters with optimal performance.
  • Controllable costs, where you can allocate sensitive data using a private cloud, while the rest can be deployed to a more affordable public cloud to save costs.

By knowing the difference between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, it will be easier for you to consider the type of cloud to take. If you need a partner in using the cloud for your business, entrust Telkom DWS who has experience in technology and communication!

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