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04 October 2022

Lessons from Disney: The perfect example of Omni-channel experience

Previously, many companies would experience a difficult time providing consistent services to their customers, but that’s not the case anymore. The Omni-channel technology resolves that by improving overall customer service. For instance, today, consumers can interact with products across many channels, from social media to websites, call centers, chatbots, and more.

Also, omnichannel technology can help you know the viewpoint of your customer’s previous interactions with the aggregated data from various channels. This enables you to improve your customer service experiences.

In this article, we’ll explain Omni channel experience and learn from Disney, a master of Omni-channel customer experiences.

What is an Omni-channel experience?

Omni-channel, also known as omnichannel, is a user engagement and lead nurturing approach in which a company allows customers in all channels to access its offers, products, and support services. Since omnichannel experience connects all channels and touchpoints, customers can move from one to another without a glitch and maintain the same all-in-one experience. 

Also, apart from a desktop website, this technology helps your company offer support through live chat, Facebook messenger, phone, and email.

Why did Disney get the Omni-channel experience?

Disney finds it necessary to get the omnichannel experience right because it is a big company with an audience. It captures even the tiniest details starting with the experience on the entertainment, mobile-responsive site. Here is what they are doing to incorporate this omnichannel into their customer experience (CX):

● Trip planning- With the omnichannel experience tool, Disney allows customers to book guesthouses and plan their holidays. With the release of its Magic Band Program, you can use this tool in many ways. For instance, you can use it as the key to your hotel room, storage devices to keep photos and memories with the Disney characters you love, and order food. Also, if you don’t like carrying your phone around, you can use the magic wristband to continue having access during the entire trip.

● Secure and fast pass- Another integration is the fast pass to keep your trip moving. While in the park, Disney omnichannel allows you to use your mobile app to locate the spot you find attractive. Also, you can see the amount of time estimated for each attraction.

With unique features that offer a wholesome experience, Disney leads the way and checks all the boxes to ensure the customer gets the best with little effort. It shows how you can create an unforgettable, continuous experience by linking several channels like a mobile app, website, and smart wristband to form a single working system.

Developing a unique omnichannel experience is a must if you want your company to succeed in the future. It is a modern technology that most businesses leverage because it accommodates customers using different channels to interact with their brand. So, would you like to shift to an omnichannel experience? Our Communication platform as a service (CPaaS) will help you reach global customers without the need to manage or own a system.

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