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27 June 2024

How to Apply for ISP License?

What is an ISP? Have you ever heard the term ISP in the Internet world? Well, ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, which is an Internet connection service provided to the wider community in order to connect online in the digital world. As you already know, we are currently living in the digital era where everything is connected to the Internet. The use of the Internet is no longer just for finding information, but you can also use it to grow your business. 

Beyond the function of the ISP itself, it turns out that to trade internet services to the entire community must have a permit from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), Then how do you apply for a permit or what is commonly called an ISP License?

Here are the steps:

1. The first thing before making an ISP license, a business license is needed first, Now based on Article 15 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing (PP 5/2021), the types of business licenses that need to be taken care of for ISP business actors include:

  • Business Identification Number (NIB):
  • Standard Certificate (if required and must be verified by the government and/or relevant institutions or ministries); and
  • License (which must be verified by the government and/or relevant agencies or ministries). These documents also include Company Deed documents, NPWP etc.

2. For the next process, if all documents have been issued, then you need to register with APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) by bringing all the required documents that have been obtained from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, to obtain an AS Number and IP.

3. If you have obtained an AS Number and IP from APJII, then the next process is to choose a Provider who has a NAP (Network Access Provider) license that will assist you in the ULO process.

4. If you have determined the NAP that suits your company's needs, then the next process is to prepare for the ULO process, in the ULO process (Operational Feasibility Test) in this process, you must have rented the service according to the company's needs to the Provider / NAP in the form of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS), Make sure you already know the topology, configuration and services that will be tested by Kominfo

5. If all cooperation with Provider / NAP has been carried out, then next you have to register your company with Kominfo by bringing all company files and adding a Cooperation Agreement document from the Provider / NAP that has become your partner.

6. Next, you have to wait for the schedule for the Operational Feasibility Test to be carried out by the Ministry of Communication and Information, if all requirements have been met and there are no obstacles in the testing carried out by Kominfo, then you just have to wait for Kominfo to confirm that your license application is complete.

Now you know the steps to get an ISP license from Kominfo, if you are confused in determining the choice of Provider / NAP that can help you prepare for ULO (Operation Feasibility Test) you can contact Telkom Wholesale Service Division or contact us via mycarrier.telkom.co.id, we are happy to help until you get an ISP license from Kominfo.

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