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10 November 2022

The Most Common Causes of Cyber Crime in Indonesia

Cyber crime is snooping on your organization, and their methods are evolving as technology advances. Beware, let's first look at the three factors that cause cyber crime that are often experienced by various organizations in Indonesia!

Cybercrime is any criminal activity that targets or uses a computer, computer network, or computing device. Most cybercrime attacks are carried out by cyber hackers to make money. However, there are also cyber hackers who carry out various attacks for other purposes such as revenge or other personal reasons. They usually use malware and various other cyberattacks to damage devices, disable systems, and spread false information.

You should know that cybercrime can be committed by individuals and organizations. There is an increasing number of cases where organized professional cyber hackers launch various cyber attacks using advanced techniques and tools. Although the causes of cybercrime vary, there are three main causes that cause cybercrime to occur. Some of them include:

Human Error

Human error is one of the causes of cybercrime. The user's unawareness in taking action in cyberspace takes actions that can make their systems vulnerable to hacking. For example, using weak passwords, using different account credentials, being gullible by phishing, opening dubious links, etc. This is indirectly related also to the lack of digital competence of the people in your organization.

Lack of Professional Attention to Cybersecurity

Naturally, the management of an organization feels "safe" because it has never once experienced an incident of cyberattack. But don't regret it later, educate the decision makers to give good attention to this issue.

Cyberattack methods continue to evolve so that now hackers can break in in many ways, malware infections in the form of ransomware, worms, Trojan horses, etc. Half-hearted attention to cybersecurity factors makes your organization more vulnerable to attacks. You must constantly improve the cybersecurity of the devices or systems you use. For example, regularly updating software and using different types of antivirus and antimalware.

Some of the cybercrime sources and case studies above might make you more cautious when using the internet. If your company manages and develops systems, cyber hackers will constantly look for ways to break into your systems, so it's highly recommended that you regularly strengthen the security of your systems. In addition, you need to make your employees more security conscious so that they can avoid being scammed by cyber hackers.

There Are Vulnerable Points in Your IT System

Even if you have given attention to cybersecurity, it is possible that there are still "loopholes" where criminals can enter. The first common cause of cybercrime is a vulnerability or vulnerability in your system. Security vulnerabilities that aren't fixed quickly can give cyberhackers easy access to get into your system. Perform penetration testing regularly so that vulnerabilities can be patched or remediated quickly.

After knowing some of the main causes of Cyber Crime, now make sure your company is always protected from cyber crime, let's collaborate with IT security professionals from Telkom DWS!

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