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02 August 2022

The Role of Virtual Agents in the Workplace

Today, many virtual agents are taking over many roles in the workplace. It’s a technology that is there to make work easier for employers, staff, and customers. Virtual agents come in because technology keeps becoming more innovative and self-reliant daily.

There are many examples of virtual agents, but you can use the neuAPIX and enjoy it as your business grows. Here, we’ll focus on the importance of virtual agents in the various sectors and how neuAPIX technology is the best example of a virtual agent.

The Importance of Virtual Agents

According to Gartner, 85% of customer interactions will start with self-service by 2022. This self-service could be through voice, chat, or text. So, read on to see how virtual agents help various sectors in day-to-day life.

1. Education

As for the education sector, institutions use virtual agents to relieve the administrative work from both the teaching and non-teaching staff. Teachers now have more time to care for the students and teach well. Students can now get answers to questions, support services, and assessments anytime.

2. Health

When it comes to the healthcare sector, virtual agents help provide quality services to patients. Today, it's easy for them to self-monitor and care without overworking the nurses.

Also, patients can know when and why they need to book appointments with their doctors at home. It means your patients will have an easy time planning and completing the hospital’s forms before they see the doctor.

3. Human Resource

The human resource industry uses virtual agents to provide its employees with proper services. This technology allows staff to sign up for employee benefits or book time off. Companies also use virtual agents to advertise jobs, conduct interviews and hire new employees.

Most businesses now use virtual agents to manage and mine raw data to help get information to solve different issues to help them grow. Also, good staff self-service in a vast workplace is one of the initiatives to help run your business.

The neuAPIX Virtual Agent Technology

Today, your company can use the neuAPIX virtual agents to help your businesses become better by simplifying the customer service agent's work. This technology is a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that provides you and your customers with various interactive features like video, chat, and messaging.

You'll enjoy the neuAPIX advanced call control, recording, text-to-speech, conference calls, and live call modification through the voice feature. As for messaging, your company can have phone numbers, short codes, throttling, and the two-way SMS feature. Using the neuAPIX video part, it's secure, peer-to-peer, you'll have a video call through partners, and you can record a call, and integrate your company's workflow.

Also, you can use neuAPIX in your applications without building another backend interface or infrastructure. It will give your company an easy time to run various activities as you suit your customers’ needs.

Today, technology is becoming more intelligent and independent. Through the virtual agents, activities have become easier for customers and staff. Healthcare, human resources, and education enjoy the fantastic benefits of this technology. The neuAPIX technology is the best example of a trusted virtual agent at your workplace to help run many activities well. Please adopt the neuAPIX virtual today to see a change in customer service at your workplace.

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