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22 July 2022

Role of Cloud & Green Data Center in Sustainable Environment

Today, the issue of a safe and sustainable cloud data center industry is fast becoming a priority in the tech world. Green data centers, including the neuCloud, also have a hand in making the environment better.

Still, some traditional data centers operate in a way that releases much harmful carbon. So, let's first look at how the IT sector contributes to massive carbon emissions. Then, we’ll look at hyperscaling data centers, making them green, and how neuCloud and data centers can create a safe environment.

How IT Contributes Huge Carbon Emissions

As the IT sector keeps growing, more infrastructure that enables better technology affects the environment. Most of these effects root down to the development of software and cloud services. The two elements today cause massive carbon emissions because of high energy consumption levels. 

With faster technology like 5G, the software will attract faster processors, more data, and memory. It means that the software needs more electricity and advanced hardware to make things better.

There will be increased carbon emissions through raw material usage, greenhouse gas release, cumulative energy expenditure, and water consumption. The electricity used in the IT sector to run the hardware sometimes comes from burning coal and natural gas, which release more greenhouse gases.

According to a study by Steven Gonzalez Monserrate, one data center can consume the same amount of power as the ones in 50 000 homes on the go. Also, another research done by Science says that the amount of cloud computing increased by 550% from 2010 to 2018. Most IT activities like AI, machine learning, and cryptocurrency mining use energy; thus, it won’t be safe for the environment in the coming years.

As the processes release more carbon from these processes, cooling also becomes more costly. In the end, nature gets all the negatives from technological advancements. 

How neuCloud Help Create a Safe Environment

Even with the increased carbon release by the traditional data centers, there’s some hope that IT could keep the environment safe. NeuCloud and other modern data centers have various ways to have green cloud computing and data centers.

Today, the neuCloud focuses on using fewer machines to run its data centers. The remote server tech has more capacity and uses less power through advanced cloud computing technology. So, less energy usage creates a safer and more sustainable environment.

Traditional data centers use machines that get hot fast. It means a company needs more energy to maintain the appliances. The case is different for the modern data centers and neuCloud that use cloud servers because they don't need a room climate control system to run.

Most large data centers, including neuCentrix, tend to focus more on using energy-efficient technology. Also, at the neuCloud and other large modern data centers, people access everything on the go because of less paperwork. It saves on the number of trees cut down to make more paper.

Hyperscale Data Center and Green Data Center

The performing data centers today dwell much on using carbon-free and affordable energy. Using leaner and greener data centers is the best way to make technology sustainable for the environment. Companies should aim at decarbonizing the data centers' power sources.

A report by the International Data Corporation shows that cloud computing can stop around 1 billion tons of Carbon (IV) Oxide release by 2024. It will happen if businesses choose to invest in energy-efficient data centers.

Some small and traditional data centers use technology and hardware that consume a lot of energy. The outcome is the release of high levels of greenhouse gases, including carbon, that destroys the environment. Today, most data centers and the neuCloud aim at making the green world safer through cloud computing technology. Improving the data centers and making them green will make the world sustainable.

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