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08 June 2021

Accelerate Your Business with Carrier Neutral Colocation Data Center

Collecting, archiving, and managing big data is one of the most important things in the digital era, especially for your business. As we know, data is the information that gives you insights about your business, and we must consider the importance of the data’s ecosystem. 

The system is not only about internet service providers that enable you to connect to each other. An Internet service provider is only a piece of the puzzle from the whole system. 

Big data not only needs cloud storage, but it needs infrastructure from the hardware too. Carrier neutral colocation data center is an ecosystem containing physical and virtual space for companies to store, manage their servers and data infrastructure. 

Not all the companies have carrier neutral colocation because it needs high cost and maintenance. While technology companies like Telkom DWS provide the carrier neutral colocation data center, you can hire some internet service providers (ISPs) to run and connect the data in the data center.

Colocation neutral data centers do not push every customer to use a certain internet service provider. It’s not because the tech company does not provide ISPs, but it can be beneficial to the customer to choose the best ISPs in accordance with their data center needs. Colocation neutral data center allows your data keeping save even though you change your ISPs to running the data center. 

Besides having an important function to store your business’ data, carrier-neutral data centers have some benefits to ensure your business is running well. Here are some benefits for your business,

1. Low Cost

Instead of building your own system, renting the data center can save your budget. You only need your IT team to make sure your business system is running well. 

When you have a problem accessing your data from a data center, you just need to contact the provider to fix the problem.

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Besides that, you can choose the ISPs that you want to make your team access and save the data in the data center. If one ISPs has a problem, you can choose another ISPs that can serve you well according to your budget. Simply put, you are not tied down in a rigid contract with any ISPs. 

2. Reliability

Data centers can run with more than one ISPs. It can avoid internet problems because of connection. When one ISPs connection is down, you can use another connection to running the system. Yet, if all of your connections are down, your data still saves on data centers.

3. Flexibility

Besides you can choose ISPs to run your data, you can choose the package of data centers based on your business needs. 

If your business is growing and needs extended storage, you can add space in data centers. It includes professional support to make sure your data center runs smoothly.

With the benefit of a colocation neutral data carrier center, Telkom DWS have a great data center infrastructure in 14 cities in Indonesia that can help your business to manage your big data. 

As we know big data can be your business insight to growing your business rapidly. The flexibility of a data center, will accelerate your business through utilization of data.

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