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12 August 2020

Rule of Thumb for SMS A2P

SMS A2P continues to endure as a key mobile interaction between companies and their customers, as it is a universally available service on any kind of mobile devices. 

With global reach and interoperability, SMS is very attractive for businesses looking for a simple, low-cost, and reliable way to interact with customers, be it for authentication procedures, passwords, and alerts, or coupons and all sorts of marketing campaigns. 

The market for SMS A2P is also significantly growing, including A2P SMS Indonesia. Based on Juniper Research Report, SMS A2P market is growing and estimated to be worth USD 70.32 billion in 2020.

Understanding this massive potential of SMS A2P, businesses need to implement the best practices on how to implement SMS A2P to maximize their competitive advantages, including some of these rules of thumbs.

Deliver short and personalized messages to match market's preferences

One of the reasons why SMS A2P is very popular at this moment is because it can adapt to today’s communication trends. People nowadays prefer short and personalized notifications, and SMS A2P can match that preference easily. 

With short and explicit messages, SMS is indeed the most effective way to capture the attention of the recipient. INSEE study confirms that the percentage of memorization of an SMS is 60%. 

You can also communicate important information to your customer very quickly, with open and click-through rates of 98% and 90% of messages will be read within 3 minutes.

Respond in a timely manner and connect at the right time

Unlike phone calls, SMS A2P doesn't rely on people to answer you right away. This technology allows customers to open your message and read it at their most convenient time. 

A study conducted by OpenMarket on 500 people aged between 18 to 34 shows that 76% of the respondents think that SMS is less invasive than other forms of communications and 60% of the respondents say that SMS is helpful because it’s an unobtrusive way to be reminded on their own time. 

Moreover, 75% of the respondents agree that text is a helpful way to receive appointments, delivery, and payment reminders, as well as surveys and promotions.

Choose a platform that is safe, secure, and efficient to deliver your messages

Implementing a set of guidelines for securing communication systems is important to eliminate efficiencies and improve customer engagement. 

One of the ways SMS A2P can help businesses prevent security breaches is by sending a one-time password (OTP). 

Research by Mobile Ecosystem Forum shows that 33% of people have received at least one text in the last 12 months from banking or official services companies, showing that more and more companies are using SMS to enhance their security capabilities.

With billions of texts being exchanged every single day, SMS will continue to play a key role in connecting businesses with their customers. 

Being an accessible feature on every mobile phone that you can acquire today, SMS is definitely one of the technologies that can reach out to the most number of customers. 

Whether you are looking to improve your marketing campaign, boost sales conversion, enhance customer engagement, or increase user security, SMS A2P is definitely a technology that you need to include in your communication strategy. 

Moreover, choosing the right SMS Provider in Indonesia can also help your business run in an effective and efficient manner.

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