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29 July 2022

SMS A2P becomes Powerful as the Market Grows

The SMS A2P has one of the most successful market rates in the world today. Businesses, application developers, and people now adopt this technology to communicate. In Asia-Pacific and Indonesia, most people prefer using the A2P SMS because it’s cheap and reliable.

This application has some drivers that will make it big in the coming years. We’ll dig in to see the coverage of the SMS A2P in the global market, its overview in Asia-Pacific, especially in Indonesia, and the drivers to grow it in the future.

SMS A2P Application (in Global Market)

In 2022, expect the A2P SMS technology to gain more numbers, especially during the forecast season. It’s because many business entities like health care, banking, and tourism are adopting the A2P SMS to engage employees and clients.

Also, as the companies target to reach more people, they use the A2P SMS to customize strategies. The software has many users in the Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

This tech market reached a market value of 64.6 billion in 2019, and investors expect it to hit 101 billion USD by 2030. Remember, developers focus more on designing creative solutions to meet the interests of many users. The A2P improvements will make it have higher market demands in the future.

A2P SMS’ growth is a win for both the customers and companies because it creates more profit, and communication becomes easy. For example, in healthcare, patients get reminders and appointments on time through SMS. 

SMS A2P Market: Overview in the Asia Pacific, especially in Indonesia

The Asia-Pacific area, especially Indonesia and Malaysia, has the highest number of A2P SMS users. By 2019, the technology’s value was at 26.3 billion. This number comes in because many people in Indonesia treat their phones as a critical element in marketing their products and services.

As the Indonesians send many SMS, the A2P SMS service providers have more chances of getting more income. Besides sending SMS, the A2P SMS has a bright future because of the rising number of internet subscribers and smartphones.

Main Drivers of SMS A2P Market

Some aspects help the sector grow and become a trend in the future. Read on to see the five key drivers of the SMS A2P industry.

1. Many Mobile Market Users

Many people trust and keep using the A2P SMS since it's cheap and reliable. Organizations and customers now use this messaging platform to communicate because they can do it without an internet connection.

Also, today many people worldwide use smartphones because they are cheap, and buyers now have a higher purchasing power. Even though the A2P SMS doesn't need the internet, smartphones improve communication. These aspects will increase the application’s market value.

2. The proliferation of Mobile Banking and Mobile Health Services

The health and mobile banking sectors use SMS for customer engagement, activation, and service delivery. Today, every mobile phone can send an SMS because it's a simple task that doesn't need deep advancements to function. Expect the banking and health industries to make the A2P SMS grow fast in the 2020 to 2030 decade.

3. Action by the Marketers and App Developers

Other application developers, brands, and marketers use the A2P SMS to attract more customers. These companies send messages to their customers to update them of any changes and breaking news. Most brands and marketers will increase their promotional activities because of the rise in mobile marketing activities, especially in the short and medium forecast times.

Organizations, app developers, and companies prefer to use this app to engage their customers. The key drivers to improve this software in the future revolve around making it better and drawing many users. This tech keeps attracting many people in Indonesia because of its features. So, if you or your company hasn’t begun adopting the use of A2P SMS, the time is now.

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