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18 June 2021

Highlights on NeuPals' Business Communications Features

Nowadays, brands have shifted their customer engagement activities online. Not only it is faster; it is also more efficient: consumers have also shifted their activities to digital platforms as well.

At the same time, different online channels—including call centers, instant messaging, chat boxes, emails, etc—are suitable for different types of communications. For instance, emails can be great for correspondences which require long details, while instant messaging is more suitable for short information bytes—such as opening hour notification or promotional information. Different customers also have different preferences as far as communication channels go.

This is why most brands now run multiple customer engagement channels. It is important that these channels are managed in a single platform or solution so as to make the customer service staff members have an easier time doing their job. NeuPals is one such solution for your business to manage your multiple communication channels. In this article, we will examine how NeuPals’ features can help you with that.

What can NeuPals do?

NeuPals has all the basic business communications features, including live streaming, video and audio call, screen sharing, instant messaging, smart features and whiteboard. Beyond customer engagement, it can definitely help you conduct your online business communications activities.

The platform’s live streaming feature, for instance, helps you conduct targeted streaming, in which your livestreams will only be viewable by relevant consumer segments, thus helping your campaigns to be more effective. It is also an interactive platform, where you can get comments, likes, responses and feedback from your audience for better engagements, along with emojis to convey nonverbal messages in virtual meetings.

NeuPals’ video call feature is also unlike any others in which it is also complemented with screen sharing and virtual whiteboard. It also has telepresence service integration, which enables audio/video conferencing interoperability across various top-notch video conferencing, collaboration and telepresence solutions. This can help you better convey your messages across, especially when you need to help people/consumers understand complex concepts or processes. 

Its voice call feature, meanwhile, can accommodate up to 16 participants in a group call and facilitate screen sharing, also with telepresence service integration. This is especially helpful when you need to engage with more than one consumer who has similar problems, interests or issues to talk about.

Technology to drive efficiency

Beyond its basic features, NeuPals also incorporates several state-of-the-art digital communication innovations to help you engage more efficiently with your customers. These include an expression detection feature, which allows you to gauge people’s expressions in telecommunication. It also has a real-time deep fake feature, which allows you to change your face to someone else’s real-time video calls. 

The platform also relies heavily on automation to quicken things up and help human resources save energy. The automation features include an instant crowd counting function, image classification and voice command. 

It also has a smart chatbot which helps text translations to overcome language barriers and can conduct text categorization, classification and summarization functions to help business clients analyze consumer behavior patterns quickly and effectively. It also has an internet crawler/web scraper feature which systematically learns the required webpage so the information can be retrieved when it’s needed.

So, as you’ve already seen, the NeuPals platform will not only help you manage the daily customer engagement hustle-and-bustle; it will also help you conduct consumer insight analysis real fast.

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