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03 July 2024

Fearful of Your Data Being Misused? Protect Your Privacy Data Now

Law No. 27 of 2022 Concerning Personal Data Protection serves as the legal foundation for protecting and ensuring the basic rights of Indonesian citizens. Privacy data or personal data consist of identity, financial, health, location, and other important information that often becomes necessary input for users during technology usage. The development of technology that provides easy access inadvertently provides opportunities for irresponsible individuals to steal privacy data, resulting in harm to the data owners. Online loans, sexual harassment, extortion, and skimming are some examples of criminal activities due to privacy data breaches. Here are the steps to protect your privacy data:

1. Change Passwords Regularly

Passwords serve as your first line of defense in protecting privacy data. Regular password changes with complex combinations (a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols) will strengthen passwords and prevent data theft.

2. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

This feature serves as an extra protection method for your privacy data by sending notifications or requesting codes sent to your phone or email as a verification step. This system is useful in preventing unauthorized access.

3. Avoid Opening Links from Suspicious Parties

Ease of access and available information must be accompanied by individual awareness in sorting information such as links from email, SMS, or other channels. Do not immediately open received links and carefully read information about the sender of the link; this helps minimize cybercrimes.

4. Double Checking

Data leaks due to various access conveniences during transactions can be exploited by irresponsible individuals to commit crimes. You can anticipate this by always double-checking the transactions you make.

5. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Carelessly

Public Wi-Fi available in various public spaces provides internet access convenience for the public. However, this becomes an opportunity for hackers to hack data by creating fake Wi-Fi networks such as public Wi-Fi. Therefore, always ensure that you check the public Wi-Fi you are going to access is official Wi-Fi, refrain from making transactions using public Wi-Fi, and only use it for general activities.

The digital era that facilitates users' lives must be accompanied by the security of their data. neucentrIX is one form of Telkom's commitment to providing the best service for its customers. neucentrIX, as Telkom's data center and cloud service provider, ensures data security for its users. This can be seen from neucentrIX's achievement as the winner of The Best Data Center Award in the Selular Award 2021. So, do not hesitate to protect your privacy data with neucentrIX. Enjoy various neucentrIX facilities, the leading data center in Indonesia.

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