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23 December 2020

Telkom DWS 2020 Highlights

Although 2020 is ending soon, the year has been an arduous one as it has posed numerous challenges for various sectors. Aside from the great challenges that the healthcare sector has to face, business and economy also suffer from the consequences of the pandemic. Global economy is slowing down as the pandemic strikes every corner of the world. Many companies are forced to make difficult decisions. Unemployment rate spikes. Job vacancy is harder to come by. A lot of unfortunate businesses didn’t make it through the year. In the end, 2020 is a really troublesome and difficult year for everyone. 

As the pandemic strikes mercilessly, our core values that we cling on to have saved us from going six feet under. Throughout 2020, Telkom DWS has constantly evolved and adapted with sustained curiosity, perseverance, and prudent decision-making. While 2020 has been arduous, we have managed to overcome the impossible and transform them into possibilities. By making the best out of what we have, we can spread our wings amid the challenges. At the end of 2020, we have achieved 105.6% Ach and 4% growth year on year. This post is a recapitulation of how we thrived in 2020.


We have worked hard to leave an excellent legacy in 2020, one of which is the implementation of Organic-to-Organic(O2O) scheme in Malaysia. Following this, a new package promo to Malaysia has been created, and this has proven to be successful. As for domestic voice, we have maintained operational excellence interconnection link to reduce traffic loss. In terms of VAS (Value Added Service), Telindo’s two-sided business model (inbound/outbound) for Gojek resulted in the increase of rev call center.


In terms of connectivity, we also have built outstanding reputation over the year. We have maintained SL Digital along with the penetration of regional DWDM sales. Meanwhile, billions have been generated in our big project, Hub to Hub H31 & Metro Link Maratel. The most outstanding growth came from IX (Internet Exchange) Tsel Impact, as the pandemic prompts a significant surge in data traffic. Along with the supervision of Managed Service 2020, the growth in IX Tsel Impact has led to the most significant growth for DWS’ 2020 annual revenue.


Last but not least, we have made remarkable progress in the digital sector. Many achievements have been made in A2P sector. In 2020, DWS becomes the main domestic distributor of A2P SMS to other A2P sellers. The success of this domestic A2P consortium scheme has yielded remarkable revenue. Similarly, we have improved filtering capabilities for International A2P SMS, leading to outstanding growth. For new businesses, we have monetized CPaaS and Cloud revenue while improving our U-Point Promo. 

Telkom DWS’ success in achieving so many goals in 2020 is built upon the hard work of its employees who are not only visionary, but also resilient. As Erik Orbandi, the EVP of DWS, stated, “DWS employees must train their ability to dream. Once you start dreaming, immerse yourself to the process and any related activity with a happy heart that’s full of gratitude.”  In addition to this, the resilience of our team is an important part for the leadership qualities which led us to successful completion of each project. 

“To be able to adapt well to a new environment, Funkiers need to have a good sense of leadership and build the following skills: (1) the will to learn comprehensively; (2) the management of existing stakeholders by observing ongoing business ecosystem; (3) the ability to contribute new values; (4) the courage to make decisions. At the end, these four skills lead to two things: speed and prudence,” Erik Orbandi adds.

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