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28 August 2020

Engage in Conversations for a Better Customer Engagement

Customers expect more from businesses than ever before. They want to talk with companies be that for product inquiry, customer service, checking a store location or operating schedule, etc. In other words, customers want contextual and meaningful conversations with businesses and they want it to happen on their preferred platform. Communication trends and customer demands are now moving at a rapid pace, and if you are not able to deliver the best customer services, you could risk losing revenue to competitors. With these challenges, more and more companies are moving away from separate communication technologies in favor of a Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS). By implementing CPaaS you can unlock the true potential of your communication strategy for better engagement and meet customers' expectations.

Reduce fragmentation throughout the customer journey

In order to keep up with customers’ expectations, CPaaS can help companies reduce fragmentation throughout the customer journey by combining video, voice, and text functionalities within a single platform using API technology. This capability allows businesses to have a deeper integration to communicate with their customers ranging all the way from chatbots and IVR in contact centers, to customer-facing applications like click-to-call. Not only that, CPaaS can also enable companies to implement self-service strategies to give them more freedom to choose their own path to resolution. CPaaS allows businesses to respond to inquiries from their customers with the services and solutions that they want the most, therefore enhancing the customer journey. 

Consistently evolve to suit the expectation of your growing customer base

CPaaS can help companies improve their brand awareness, drive more revenue generation, and retain customers by ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve with innovation. With API integration, CPaaS offers a highly flexible solution that has great scalability and therefore reduces the time for the implementation. It also allows companies to evolve and adjust quickly while continuing to learn and assess the rapidly changing needs of their customers' expectations.

Increase customers' satisfaction while reducing the cost of doing business

Another benefit is that CpaaS is based on cloud, which means that developers can easily embed new strategies for connectivity into their own systems and applications using APIs. CPaaS makes it easier to integrate the latest trend of communication solutions that continue to evolve into your existing applications. In addition, the platform is really accessible through APIs, allowing your developer to accelerate the time to market and improve productivity in the workforce. To top it all, with cloud services, your company can save money on infrastructure and resources.

Building effective communications with your customers is the key to drive better customer engagement. With CPaaS, companies not only can have conversations on multiple channels, but also allow businesses to have a contextual interaction. Unlike other innovations, CPaaS Indonesia is really easy to implement, allowing companies to take advantage of this technology with minimal upfront expense and keep their costs low. It is the key to digital communication transformation and allows businesses to do things in their communication strategy that were impossible before.

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