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12 October 2021

Staying Competitive in the Digital Age with Wholesale TV Box

The future of entertainment is indisputably digital. For the last few years, there has been a noticeable increase of demand for digital entertainment services. From the rising popularity of social media to online games, entertainment media has been moving towards the digital world. While more conventional media still maintain their appeal to Gen X and Baby Boomers, nowadays’ home entertainment for Millennials and Gen Z are generally more internet-based, according to a 2021 survey by Variety. 

Digital Domination: Cutting Cable Cords?

Unfortunately, with such high enthusiasm for other entertainment channels, the rating of conventional TV networks has been declining. A study by Nielsen shows that over the last half decade, TV viewing among young adults (18-24 years old) has declined by 40%. Consequently, TV ad spend expenditure has also been decreasing, as shown by the fifteen-percent drop in 2020. The declining reign of conventional TV networks should give a forewarning for ISPs to rely on other strategies to stay competitive in the industry.

To keep their unique selling points in the digital age, there are three points that ISPs can do. First of all, they can evolve their services to give more accessibility for their users, following the latest digital entertainment trends. Second of all, ISPs can improve content quantity and quality, presenting a variety of entertainment options for their users. Last but not least, ISPs can retain their existing customers by safeguarding their reliability. These strategic moves altogether can be implemented easily by incorporating a tool that is as great as Wholesale TV Box.

Improving ISPs’ Competitive Edge with Wholesale TV Box

Wholesale TV Box is a service for OTT with ISP’s subscription basis. As an entertainment device, Wholesale TV Box is an Android Smart TV box developed by Metranet and Telkom Indonesia. Wholesale TV Box is equipped with voice command, bringing ISP users a cutting-edge tech experience and premium accessibility. The complete, excellent features of Wholesale TV Box exactly provide three things that ISPs need to remain competitive: giving more freedom for users, presenting a lot of high-quality options, and keeping the device reliable.

Wholesale TV Box users can have more control over which entertainment they would like to have. Aside from VODs, Wholesale TV Box comes with GameQoo, allowing users to play a catalogue of games with a range of genres. Wholesale TV Box also easily connects you to Google Assistant through command feature, providing higher accessibility and variety for users to control their entertainment. Aside from these features, users can also listen to their favorite music anytime, thanks to the connection provided by Wholesale TV Box.

With Wholesale TV Box, ISPs can also offer content with higher quality and quantity. Wholesale TV Box offers more than 1,000 movies that users can access for free or with a premium subscription. Such inclusive VOD options cater to a variety of audiences. Do your users like fast-paced Hollywood action movies? What about the happy-go-lucky, otherworldly Bollywood collections? Up for a marathon of tear-jerking K-dramas? A nostalgia trip to Hong Kong cinematic masterpiece? Wholesale TV Box has it all.

And more importantly, Wholesale TV Box is managed by a reliable team. Under the management of Telkom DWS, ISP users can sit tight and enjoy their home-based entertainment with Wholesale TV Box. Aside from experiencing first-class support, users can expect more innovations to come and enhance their entertainment experience along the way. Wholesale TV Box catalogue of VOD keeps on expanding, giving users updated watching options. Wholesale TV Box’s reliability will give ISPs further advantage to stay competitive.

Wholesale TV Box: An Entertainment Solutions for ISP customers Anywhere

Wholesale TV Box is prepared to support ISPs in catering their many kinds of customers. ISP users in hotels, hospitals, residential areas, and apartments will expect the best experience to decide whether they would keep their subscription to their current providers. And the best experience can only be delivered if ISPs strive to give accessibility, options, and reliability. ISPs can find these three qualities incorporated in Wholesale TV Box: a smart box that allows their users to experience the best of TV-based entertainment in the digital age.

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