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12 January 2023

The Future of Indonesia’s Smart Cities

Indonesia is among the Asian countries that aim to digitize their cities. The nation has a program that seeks to make 100 cities smarter. This program began in 2017 and has created immense changes in cities like Bandung.

So, the government expects the rest of its cities to emulate what Bandung is doing to become innovative. But despite these fantastic plans, the nation faces some challenges, like overpopulation. So it needs to catch up on its development plans.

This post tells you about the state of smart cities in 2023. You’ll also know if Indonesia meets the standards for having smart cities.

Forecast of Smart Cities in Indonesia 2023

The Indonesian government has impressive plans to make their cities develop. It has set goals to have intelligent city solutions. The strategy began in 2017 with the digitization plan called "The 100 Smart Cities Movement."

This program aims to improve the nation's state by curbing urbanization issues. Studies expect that by 2045, 83% of the Indonesian population will live in urban areas.

But the fast growth in technology has affected the plans. So the government keeps changing strategies to allow more investors to help cities grow in 2023. For example, the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) keeps changing and developing. Once Indonesia finds a way to adapt cities to the Internet of Things, citizens will enjoy smart transportation, smart power grids, and smart utility meters.

Also, in 2023, using 5G technology will open up more growth opportunities. Remember, intelligent cities can grow fast if they have fast internet speeds. So it will create opportunities for cities to maximize IoT innovations.

These smart cities' populations can keep the areas from growing in 2023. A high population causes more health, crime, transport, and housing problems. Once the government deals with such issues, investors will be free to invest in the growth of these cities.

Can Indonesia Achieve Smart Cities?

Indonesia can attain the “100 Smart Cities Movement” dream if the cities develop fast. But Indonesia's key cities are growing slowly. Therefore, cities need more expertise in identifying better urbanization plans. Today, most cities in this country have a dynamic landscape, fast urbanization growth, and diversity. It's a fantastic fact, but it's also quite difficult for some cities to realize this potential.

The Indonesian government is pushing the rest of the cities to learn from Bandung and Jakarta. These two cities were the pioneers of the "100 Smart Cities Movement." So, the government urges the rest of the cities to partner with private investors to manage their technological growth. Also, the government expects private stakeholders and cities to provide appropriate resources to help the cities grow.

The Indonesian government has fantastic plans to attain 100 smart cities by 2045. But the nation should invest more in taking proper action steps to unlock the massive potential of these cities. Today, smart cities collaborate with IoT systems and service providers (Lora and Antares). These partnerships aim to give smart cities the best technologies and features. 

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