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28 December 2022

The Role of Cyber Security in Your Business

Has your company ever experienced a cyber attack? Of course this makes you anxious. Therefore you need to understand the role of cyber security in your business.

With the development of technology, crime also penetrated the cyber world. This can be seen with the increasing cyber threats due to increasingly sophisticated and advanced technology making threats easier to carry out.

According to data from Kaspersky, a well-known cyber security company, in 2022 there were more than 11 million attempted cyber attacks that occurred. This is due to the large number of people who use the internet carelessly. One of the cyber threats that is happening lately is via email or other text messages that provide a link to click; this action is called phishing.

Description of Cyber Security Roles

Cyber attacks are certainly dangerous for company data security. But you don't need to worry, especially if you anticipate using cyber security. Cyber security is an action taken to protect network systems from attacks and illegal access, especially in connections via the internet.

It can be analogous to the concept of cyber security as the CIA which refers to the application of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems or information. The application of the CIA concept is a simple illustration of the role of cyber security.

The Realization of the Role of Cyber Security in Protecting Data in Your Business

In general, efforts to implement the role of cyber security are known as three types, namely cloud security, network security, and information security. Here's the explanation!

  • Cloud security is a manifestation of the role of cyber security in protecting personal or corporate data stored in the cloud. The most common forms of cloud security threats are data misuse and theft, and traffic hijacking. Therefore the role as cloud security ensures data security, which can usually be done by using a firewall, VPN to encrypt data.
  • Network Security is an embodiment of the role of cyber security in protecting internal networks by enhancing network or network security systems. Network security is of course very important to do considering the high traffic[data circulation] that occurs every day through the internal network. The role of network security is also useful for protecting your company's assets from cybercrime threats by using antivirus and firewalls, or using two factor authentication.
  • Information Security is the embodiment of the role of cyber security in protecting personal data information by preventing illegal access, use or modification, and unauthorized destruction of information. Generally, this threat is often found for mobile banking users or applications that require personal data to access it. So the forms of prevention are authentication, logging, and data encryption.

So, do you understand the role of cyber security in your business? You certainly need a service that fits your needs, so consult your needs with Telkom DWS!

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