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14 June 2022

The Role of neuCloud in the Growth of UMKM in Indonesia

Many businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic. However, as the world is gradually moving toward recovery, it seems that 2022 will be a far better year for all of us, especially UMKM.

The Future of Commerce report by Shopify highlighted 2022 business trends UMKM should watch out for. The trends include focusing on online commerce and offering digital customer experience. The majority of UMKM owners in Indonesia seem to agree with the trend. According to Sandiaga Uno, by September 2021, 11 million UMKM in Indonesia have gone digital. Are you one of them?

Different Types of Cloud Services for UMKM

This massive UMKM digitalization movement has been driven by various technologies; cloud computing is one of the most important ones. With all the benefits it offers, cloud computing has been a helpful tool that makes “going digital” easier for UMKM in Indonesia.

There are different types of cloud services; each of them can support UMKM in different ways. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivers cloud-based applications over the internet. Most SaaS applications run directly through your web browser, so no downloads or installations are required. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivers a framework for developers to build upon and use to build cloud-based apps. All servers, storage, and networking are provided by your service provider. Meanwhile, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivers cloud computing infrastructure, including servers, network, operating systems, and storage, through virtualization technology—just like a “virtual data center”.

neuCloud, Telkom Indonesia’s cloud services provider, is ready to support UMKM in Indonesia with our IaaS capabilities. To meet your specific requirements, neuCloud offers three different products you can choose from. 

1. neuCloud dediCa

It’s a private cloud computing service suitable for larger and more established UMKM.. With this product, you get your own dedicated hardware and software without sharing them with other users. It offers you two major benefits: full control and security. 

2. neuCloud elastiCa

It’s also a private cloud computing service but, unlike dediCa, relies on shared resources. This means you are sharing the same resources (space, bandwidth, etc.) with other users. It offers you two major benefits: flexibility and affordability, and is great for smaller UMKM or those who have just started.

3. neuCloud multiCa

This product allows you to orchestrate multiple cloud services, private and public (from cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, etc.), based on your requirements and preferences. It offers you two major benefits: convenience and affordability, so it’s most suitable for rapidly growing UMKM with constantly increasing traffic.

Five Ways neuCloud as IaaS Helps UMKM

For UMKM, neuCloud offers a smarter and leaner technology option that reduces cost and increases productivity. There are five ways neuCloud helps you ensure your growth and success.

Cost Savings 

neuCloud guarantees affordable infrastructure, and you only pay for what you use. You don’t have to pay fees for benefits you don’t use or the capacity you don’t need. What’s more, you don’t have to spend money for hardware and equipment maintenance.

Scalability and Flexibility 

With neuCloud, you can scale up and down depending on your requirements. This flexibility allows you to respond to changes of demand or opportunities, including when you’re growing your business size or running new initiatives.

Faster Time to Market 

Business competition constantly gets tougher, and marketing is one of the best ways to come out on top. With the scalability neuCloud offers, you can market yourself out faster to any potential customers.

Reliability and Availability

With redundancy measures implemented by neuCloud, your infrastructure won’t be affected by unexpected situations, such as equipment failures or disasters, ensuring your business conitnuity. You can also access it no matter where you are as long as you have a network.

Focus on Business Growth 

With neuCloud, you can spend more time growing your business rather than making smaller IT decisions. With more time and resources, you can focus on developing your applications and solutions.

What about you? How can neuCloud support your business? Find out more about neuCloud https://mycarrier.telkom.co.id/cloud-data-center/cloud/neucloud-special-section!

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