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10 March 2021

Scale Up Your Business Service by Applying A2P SMS

Your next SMS will probably be around longer, and remain more legible, than your tombstone. For, unlike your tombstone or even your mortal coil, your texts may be worth something. - Douglas Rushkoff

Gone are the days when SMS is only catered to person-to-person communication, let’s say hello to A2P SMS. What is A2P SMS? 

A2P is a type of SMS sent from a subscriber to an application or sent from an application to a subscriber. It is commonly used by businesses, such as banks, to send SMS messages from their systems to their customers.

In the New Normal, in which we don’t always get the chance to interact with our customers face to face, it’s really vital to digitize your customer relationship and make sure they’re still getting the best experience in using your products/services remotely. 

Application to Person (A2P) messaging becomes a great way to reach and engage with customers in a reliable, fast and secure way. 

The optimal usage of it can help give a warm touch to your business, in contrast to the ‘cold’ image that sometimes is labeled to startups/businesses in the digital age.

The fact is, SMS is more effective than email; check what the research has said: 

  • 95% of all SMS are open within 3 minutes

  • SMS open rates are almost 5  times bigger than emails

  • SMS messages’ CTR (Click Through Rates) is 19%, versus email at 2%

  • 98% of SMS messages are read versus email at 20%

But isn’t being sent a random SMS can make people annoyed? That could be the case if you use it only to spam your customers - instead of increasing  engagement, you can risk ruining your brand image. 

SMS A2P by Telkom DWS is here to assist you in building a more elevated engagement through our professional service. 

Telkom DWS’ SMS A2P service can cater to several important roles in building better engagement with your customers - for example, to send that One Time Password (OTP) awaited by your customers, broadcast Notification & Alerts, distribute Voting & Survey, also Reminders for important dates, such as say hello and sharing special gimmick for your clients during his/her birthday and of course, as a tool of Digital Marketing. 

It doesn’t sound annoying at all, right? On the contrary,  the trend of OTT usage brought by some major social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger may have significantly reduced the use of P2P SMS, and become an indirect driver of growth for A2P messaging. 

SMS A2P by Telkom DWS is the perfect supporter to startups & businesses who yearn to build sophisticated interaction with their customers in 2021. 

In terms of this SMS service, Telkom DWS has experienced bringing this experience to major clientele in e-commerce, health care and government. 

Basically, it can work greatly to all businesses who have customer relationship management at the core of their operations. 

With the usage of Internet of Things (IoT) on the rise after the New Normal, A2P messaging will serve an essential role in enabling users to secure and communicate with--through various alerts and notifications--their devices.

This SMS A2P service by Telkom DWS has the flexibility to reach one or more customers and  allows for personalization - you can give consumers short, personalized, and tailored experience. 

In this 2021, SMS A2P has become how businesses & startups best reach their customers. Are you ready to enhance communications with your customers?

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