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28 July 2022

Trends that Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Most customers today have many store options where they can shop. As a store owner, there are some ways you can use to bring your customers close as your business grows. So, here we'll look at the customer experience trends to boost your trust with customers including the omnichannel and CPaaS as a trend in the CX sector in 2022.


What are customer experience trends that improve customer loyalty?

When you plan on ensuring your business grows, please focus on your trust with the buyers. So, below are the trends that will bring more customers to your business in 2022.


1. Omnichannel shopping experience

Using the Omnichannel is vital in the modern shopping industry. The Omni channel's key elements like having an online pick-up store, in-store fulfillment, and a curbside pick-up will improve your customer's shopping experience on your website and in your stores.


According to a study done by Google, 98% of customers change devices daily to help them keep up with the market trend. This statistic means you should help your customers enjoy their shopping time as they move from one channel to the next. Be there to serve your customers wherever and whenever they shop in your store.

2. Face-to-Face Customer Service

The online platforms and live chatbots help give shoppers all they need to know before buying an item. But the best way to please customers is to allow them to interact with the customer service to help them in stores. Your customer associates’ team should treat your customers with love to help build trust with them.

3. The Community

Like face-to-face customer services, the physical stores in the community connect people better than the online platforms. Come up with ways to help you connect with those living close to your store through classes, events, or spaces using your products. Expect your store to attract more people because it will build more trust with them

4. Safe and Secure Shopping Experiences

No customers would love to shop at a store where they don't feel secure. We may be in the post-pandemic era, but COVID-19 remains a deep concern. Customers love to shop in a place where the retail owners care about their health. It will build more trust with your customers and make them visit your store more often.

5. Bundling Up Products and Services

Though this trick is common, expect it to bring more customers to your stores. As you're a consumer who buys as a product, it will be nice if they get it together with a similar service. This method will work best in beauty retailing shops and food stores. For example, if you sell coffee, you can partner with a hospital to give your customers the healthy benefits of taking coffee when they buy it.

6. Treasure Hunts

Seeing a fantastic product or offer attracts many customers, whether it's an online or physical store. Treasure hunts are sweet and addictive to buyers. People flock to a given store for fantastic offers on items they know won't last. The aim is to attract and please more customers by giving them something new to buy in your stores as you profit.

You can have treasure hunts in your stores if you find them useful to improve your customer’s retail experience. Remember, treasure hunts will only favor your business when you clearly understand your business' inventory trends. Ensure you utilize software to help track product movements and monitor your data to see your stock, profits, and what to order. 

CPaaS as a trend in CX (Virtual Agents and automated notifications)

The communications platforms as a service (CPaaS) will help you reach your retail customers in whichever channel they want. Here, your users will get services through virtual agents on a 24/7 basis and get notified whenever there are any changes.

Also, through the CPaaS, customers will enjoy proper biometric security, fast distal payments, and video authentication services. As CPaaS grows, it will keep becoming a trend attracting many people in the CX sector.

As a business owner in any industry, customer trust and satisfaction should be your aim in 2022. If you implement these trends, your store, whether online or physical, will attract more people. CPaaS which is like the omnichannel will make things great for you in this tech world. Find out more about CPaaS here

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