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31 August 2022

Phone Number verification to support your business

Security is an essential factor for your business to succeed and continue growing. So, it would be best to protect your business and users from malicious activities, and phone verification is effective. It is a reliable security measure because it protects your web, brand, and mobile application from fraud. 

Phone verification proves whether a phone number is actual and operational. It is a great practice that helps your company to call only valid numbers with real customers. For a better understanding, let's look at how phone verification benefits your business. 

6 Benefits of using phone verification for your business

While there are several benefits of phone number verification, here are some basic ones: 

  1. Helps confirm someone's identity: - This is the most significant benefit because phone verification helps you know whether a new customer is real or fake. After making an order, you can check if their information is correct with the help of a phone verification system. This way, you ensure that the customer's phone number is valid. 
  2. Combats fraud: - Phone number verification prevents fraud by offering real-time security intelligence. Instead of having thousands of registered fake accounts, it helps you confirm that an account is not a spammer or bot. Also, on the back end, verifying phone numbers allows you to view each customer, preventing scammers in your database. 
  3. Saves time: - When a person calls your company or business, customer care can collect their data with the help of a phone verification system. Once a real customer is verified, there is a reduced risk of fraud. As a result, you'll spend less time tracking fake accounts and scammers.  
  4. Reduces cost and ensures safe account recovery: - Since recovering insecure passwords and accounts can be very expensive for your business, you can decrease the risk of hackers knowing passwords. When they know passwords, they can make fake orders that look real, which can be costly for your business. 
  5. Increases value of customers, leads, and prospects: - With the help of a phone verification system, you can tell whether the number is a mobile phone or landline. Also, you can check the network status of that number and the country it's coming from. This data can help your business make informed decisions regarding leads and customer satisfaction. Your relationships with the customers will also improve. 
  6. Improves delivery: - You can improve your delivery services when using phone verification for customer orders. Besides, phone numbers make communication about order status easier. It is quicker than emails, allowing customers to remain informed about their packages. 

Today, you can change how you operate your business and try phone verification software to improve your marketing approach. Verifying phone numbers is quickly becoming a standard requirement for companies. So, it is a security measure that you might want to implement in your company. If you don't know where to start, Telkom offers a good phone number verification service. Contact us for more information. 

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