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08 August 2022

What Business Leaders Need to Know before using CPaaS

Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) is a technology that has recently risen in popularity. This is due to its ability to allow businesses to modify their communication processes. Furthermore, communication is an essential element for any properly managed company. Enterprises are currently giving their best to have efficient communication channels. This determines their success by keeping them closer to their investors, clients, employees, and other business stakeholders. 

For this reason, many companies opt to have CPaaS solutions to help them streamline their communication systems. This article gives you more insight into CPaaS, its benefits for businesses, and what business leaders must know before using it. 

What is CPaaS, and How Does It Work? 

CPaaS is a technology that enables developers to boost and integrate direct and real-time communication. This helps users communicate directly with an application without the need of third-party assistance. An excellent example of such a service is a chat box that websites have to allow users to navigate the site much more quickly. The same context applies to company communication systems whereby a manager uses CPaaS software to send messages to several team members. 

It offers disruptive capabilities by streamlining multiple communication channels in a business. CPaaS works by incorporating customizable communications APIs and SDKs into your software, allowing app flexibility without needing a complete digital transformation. An Application Programming Interface (API) is software that will enable programmers to utilize external app capabilities and functionalities by creating a connection between your app and the required third-party software.

Consider an API to be a communications intermediary or translator across two applications you are using. CPaaS work by using API-enabled feedback loops that help HR, marketing, sales, customer support, and IT departments optimize their communication systems. 

CPaaS User Challenges

Like any other emerging technology, CPaaS comes with its own challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges that CPaaS users face. 

Security attacks: These are among the most common challenges that CPaaS companies encounter. Without adequate security, these companies may experience multiple cyber-attacks. Some fraudsters even got to the extent of leaking millions of messages to the internet. Such incidents have led to many companies losing revenue and lowered customer trust. 

Multi-layer intermediaries: CPaaS work by transmitting information over multiple channels. These intermediaries may hinder the quality of service and affect the customer experience in the process. 

Slow Data transmission: Some CPaaS systems have a cumbersome user interface and slow data transmission.  Sometimes this may lead to billing disputes and a slow reconciliation process. 

CPaaS for small businesses

Before CPaaS was developed, businesses spent a lot of revenue on making and maintaining their communication networks. However, this cost may be too much for small businesses that can't afford all the hardware and regular maintenance. 

CPaaS has changed the narrative and made these processes more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, using cloud-based technology guarantees better security and better API integration. 

In summary, CPaaS has boosted communication capacities and made it easier for businesses to connect with their stakeholders. It has offered seamless communication and improved data security. 

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