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10 March 2021

What is VoIP and How Does It Work?

Let’s move into the future, and away from your old desk phones. It’s 2021 and with the remote working norm still spreading, we can make phone calls anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet-connected computer, a headset, and voice over IP (VoIP) 

In the new age Industrial Revolution, communication has become a more and more vital part of any business, both for external and internal coordination (especially when your teams are working remotely from their houses or coworking space). 

The internet has become a staple for all businesses out there to establish their presence in the industry. With Voxnet, you can utilize the internet for both internal and external communication. We provide you with an internet-powered communication platform that can significantly reduce your previous cost for communication. 

We understand a mess can be created when communication goes wrong in this “Work-from-Anywhere” culture. This challenge has been leveled up for companies whose branches are widely spread across the archipelago. Here, a voice over IP gateway can come in handy to be your organization’s solution. VoIP is the technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. 

Telkom DWS is happy to become the reliable VoIP provider for businesses and startups across the nation. We understand that in order for businesses to develop, a good selection of communication platforms can be a make-or-break decision, especially in the digital age. In terms of cost, reliability and functionality, VoIP service by Telkom DWS is here to cater your businesses inquiries. 

VoIP systems offer enhanced functionality compared to traditional landlines - therefore, your business can be reachable anytime and anywhere. You can also host video calls, transmit multimedia messages, send voicemail, read all the call analytics, anonymous call rejection and voicemail-to-text transcription. 

In the digital age, VoIP is the go-to solution for startups and businesses - especially for startups, VoIP can help your expansion because it helps you to make  long-distance and international calls conveniently and with minimal cost - because you only have to mind the internet access. And businesses who use VoIP service do not have to invest in specific devices, such as IP-enabled phones, because you can still utilize your existing telephone equipment, even if it’s an analog telephone station.

More than just telephony functions, VoIP can also act as your business’ virtual receptionist, who answers phone calls, deliver recorded messages, direct calls and engage in a number of other useful services. This is already common when you’re calling customer support. 

And one of the most highlighted features is automatic call forwarding, which enables your startups or businesses to automatically take calls to the VoIP line and redirect them to another line of your choosing. 

Such convenient in accessibility is vital for today’s business landscape, so you can gain

more direct control over your own accessibility to others, while make sure that your business is always present to their customers. 

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