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30 December 2020

What should be considered when Choosing CPaaS Solution

In today’s digital world, customers have really high expectations toward the companies they are engaging with, especially the needs to connect and getting fast response and information they need from a multi-channel customer support as they preferred. Investing Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), companies need to understand the essential features and capabilities that they need to have in their CPaaS solution of their choice. It is really important for businesses to choose their CPaaS provider wisely, because the services offered by the CPaaS provider will not only meet the business requirements in the short-term, but also the needs to adapt and grow to support companies in the long-term goals.

API and SDK for seamless integration across the system

Leading CPaaS solutions needs to be equipped with APIs and SDKs that can enable seamless integration across the system. It is also important to check if the platform can integrate omnichannel tools, including email, sms, voice, whatsapp, and social media. This functionality will help developers to integrate their systems easily and therefore allow them to complete the deployment of the system faster, saving time and effort, therefore increasing productivity. Telin NeuAPIx for example, has a drag and drop tool that makes it easier for the customers to customize their own communication features. The ease of integration will also offer flexibility and scalability in your companies, allowing you to grow at your own pace while assessing the needs of your customers. The seamless integration will also enrich customers' experience as they can connect and communicate with your companies through their preferred channel and therefore giving them satisfaction and remarkable customer experience. The capabilities offered in the CPaaS platform can be different in each company, therefore it is important to explore the capabilities of the services and make sure that the provider can offer solutions that match the omnichannel requirement that the company is currently facing.

Real-time analytics and reporting tools for measurable impact

Prominent CPaaS solutions will offer you with real-time analytics and reporting tools. This feature will allow you to gather insights and meaningful information from your interaction with your customers, including a transparent view of SMS delivery status and call usage data. This valuable real-time information then can be used to develop a comprehensive analysis on historical reports and business forecast that is crucial for your data-driven decision making process to create measurable impact for your business. Good CPaaS provider will offer all of those insights and analytics in a user friendly dashboard, allowing your team to easily access the information for any strategic purposes. Not only that, comprehensive CPaaS services will offer features to automate several manual functions for communications, including chatbot and machine learning. Using CPaaS to support business decisions, companies need to be clear on the objectives and the outcome that they want to achieve with the CPaaS platform. Once the objectives are clear, companies can narrow their choices of CPaaS providers and select the solution that is aligned with their business needs.

24/7 support for secure, scalable, and reliable service

As part of cloud-based technology, a good CPaaS solution should be highly secure, scalable, and reliable. When choosing a CPaaS solution to be implemented in your business, it is important to check the vendor qualification to see if they are meeting the qualification and providing the services that you are expecting. It is important to check if the CPaaS provider of your choice has an ISO certification, providing enterprise security connections, comply with the government regulation and meeting their SLA. It is also important to find a CPaaS provider that offers reliable technical support that can be accessed 24/7 because you will never know when you need their assistance the most. It is also important to make sure that the price is competitive for the value that the company will get from the services. It is also important to make sure that your CPaaS provider has the experience and credibility in serving the market, as well as has solid network infrastructure especially related to voice and SMS features.

Understanding that implementing CPaaS Indonesia can help you drive your business forward, it is now the time to consider all the important criteria in choosing the right CPaaS provider for you. Good CPaaS solution will provide you with greater scalability and seamless integration, therefore reducing the time to implementation allowing you to have a faster enhanced customer experience. Good CPaaS provider will also be there for you when you need them, working shoulder to shoulder to serve your customers’ needs.

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