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17 December 2021

Wholesale TV BOX for New Normal Hospitality

A few years ago, the word “workliday” (or “workation”) was unheard of. While the word hasn’t been listed in official dictionaries, the use of this word has risen ever since the pandemic buzz gradually died down. As you may have inferred, the word “workliday” is a mix-and-match for “work” and “holiday”, referring to an emerging culture where people can work while traveling someplace. With our technology getting more and more capable of supporting remote work, added by the fact that remote working benefits corporations, the workliday trend seems to keep on rising.

In Indonesia, the government made the “Work from Bali” initiative back in mid-2021. Led by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the program was first popular among state-owned enterprise employees. Unsurprisingly, employees from several private companies also jump into the bandwagon, thanks to the great rates of vaccination several months prior. According to Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, the initiative made a “multiplier effect for creative economic products by 70%.”, which immensely helped the local economy.

Workliday and Hospitality Business

What does this workliday mean for businesses? For certain, it positively affects local businesses, especially those which operate in the hospitality sector. As workliday people travel from one location to another, they will need accommodation. Hospitality businesses around the world are quick to grab this opportunity such as hotels have started offering “work-from-hotels” deals. Hotels in Singapore, for instance, have offered work-from-hotel packages ranging from 1 – 30 SGD/hour. Similar trends can also be found in the US, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Opportunities for ISPs 

The workliday trend significantly helps hospitality businesses to get back on its track. Quoted by Knight Frank, the Central Bureau of Statistics recorded that Q2 hotel occupancy in Indonesia was 30.35%. Although the number isn’t great, it certainly was an improvement from the all-time-low 12.67% hotel occupancy rate in April 2020. At the same time, the rising trend of workliday means that hospitality businesses are competing to offer the best options for their guests. This is where ISPs can work with hospitality businesses to provide the best sources of entertainment.

Wholesale TV Box: A Solution for Hospitality Business

Hospitality businesses know that their service isn’t complete without a great selection of TV entertainment. With Wholesale TV Box, ISPs can offer their partners a premium TV service for their guests. Our Wholesale TV Box comes with 100+ live TV, giving hospitality guests more opportunities to catch up with everything in real time. Additionally, with the rise of demand for VODs, our Wholesale TV box comes with not 100, not 200, not 500, but 1000+ VODs! With our Wholesale TV box, hospitality guests who turn on a TV won’t run out of watching options, ranging from blockbuster movies to music programs.

Aside from watching options, hospitality guests will also be connected to Google Play Store Apps, allowing them to download apps to the TV, including games. The existence of TV apps and TV games will provide extra entertainment supply in addition to VODs and TV programs. With TV apps, the guests can listen to their favorite music on Spotify or YouTube. Family guests can also entertain their kids with thousands of TV games available on Play Store. These are unique selling points from Wholesale TV Box that ISPs can present for their partners.

Wholesale TV Box is a versatile solution for hospitality businesses, which are currently getting back on track with the rising trend of workliday. With our Wholesale TV Box, ISPs can tap into this opportunity while the trend is still here to stay. Contact us at occ@telkom.co.id for more info, and let our Wholesale TV Box support you in grabbing the workliday opportunity!

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