Akses Jasa Call Center (140XY, 150XYZ, 1500XYZ)

Cost-effective to Accommodate the Surge in Calls Throughout Indonesia

OverviewThis service provides easy-to-remember access numbers to increase brand awareness, is cost-effective with low rates, and is ready to accommodate the surge in calls throughout Indonesia
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Single Access Number for Inbound Call Centers

A unique single number identity for inbound calls using this short & easy to remember Intelligent Numbering based Access Number (140XY, 150XYZ, 1500XYZ). For this service, numbering allocations are regulated by Indonesian Government.


Intelligent Numbering Features

  • Call queuing
  • Call Forwarding on Busy/Don’t Answer
  • Day of Week Routing
  • GEO Routing
  • Day of Year Routing
  • Call Distribution
  • Advance Routing System (ARS)
  • Single/Multi Destination

Benefits of Intelligent Numbering

  1. Connected to PSTN & all operators
  2. Branding & increase credibility of subscriber’s, identity
  3. Easy single access number

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