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OverviewASTINet Telkom is a 24/7 Dedicated Internet Service with a 1:1 bandwidth ratio, using Telkom's Default Internet Gateway and Public IP Address

Get to Know ASTINet

In the era of digital business, internet speed and reliability are key to innovation and optimal customer service. Telkom comes with ASTINet (Access Service To Internet) to meet these needs. ASTINet allows your business to stay connected with superior speed.

We prioritize your satisfaction. ASTINet provides the flexibility to add capacity as your business grows. With 1:1 symmetrical network technology, ASTINet provides dedicated internet connections ranging from 64 Kbps to n x 2 Mbps, providing convenient and satisfying 24-hour access services.

Product Types of ASTINet


ASTINet Beda Bandwidth

1:10 global and domestic bandwidth comparison


ASTINet Lite

Up to 2x additional burstable committed bandwidth for consistent capacity


ASTINet Burstable

Double up your committed bandwidth with 95% percentile to global connection during the highest demand


ASTINet Premium

Integrated CPE/NTE with MPLS connectivity with end-to-end support. Enable your business real-time thermometer system

Benefits of ASTINet

  1. Effectivity. ASTINet provides a connection you can count on during performance peak. Enjoy the bandwidth of your choice without worrying about external environment and oversharing bandwidth
  2. Cloud Synchronization. Get both internet and cloud support for easy data management. Enable your business to collect and download essential data to power your business operation
  3. Security. Minimize security risk by having full control and access to your bandwidth internet. ASTINet enables businesses to these features to secure confidential business data

Specifications of ASTINet

  1. High-speed global internet connection with the biggest internet gateway in Indonesia (10Gbps international gateway and 1Gbps local network)
  2. Strong Quality of Service (QOS) 1:1 to reference point
  3. Up to ± 400 PoP Wide Area Network across Indonesia
  4. Network monitoring MRTG
  5. SLA Network up to 99%
  6. Get 6 Static IPs
  7. Monthly base charging on BW (Flat) and 24/7 online network monitoring

Customer in Needs of ASTINet

  • Governmental institutions who need stable and reliable internet connection to support data management system
  • Medium-sized enterprises who need stable internet to support business operations
  • Businesses requiring secure and reliable connections to protect confidential data
  • Small businesses (SMEs) who need a reliable and secure internet connection to support their business growth.

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