DDoS Protection

Safeguard Your Network Against Cyber Attacks

OverviewProtection against DDoS attacks, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, involves strategies to minimize the impact of such attacks on a system or network

What is DDoS Protection?

In the continuously evolving digital era, cyber attacks have become a crucial issue that needs attention. With the increasing demand and use of technology, the threat to data security and privacy also grows, making it necessary to implement risk mitigation against cyber attacks within organizations or companies to prevent such attacks on systems.

Service Types of DDoS Protection


MNS Wide Area Network (WAN)

is an end-to-end company network monitoring and management service on network devices and carriages proactively and quickly.


MNS Cloud Wireless Local Area Network

is a cloud-based wireless network management service, so you can make changes to the Access Point configuration anytime & anywhere even if it is not located at the company's private network location.


Security Operation Center (SOC)

this service is a center for security control, monitoring services and can analyze security attacks both on infrastructure and applications logically and physically


Global Internet Security

functions to protect the company's IT infrastructure from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The entire flow of internet traffic can be monitored to detect attacks and compared with normal traffic and check packet headers.


Web Application Protector

can protect company business applications from threats and attacks both at the network level and applications located in the Data Center or Cloud.


Next Gen Firewall

this service is a cyber security system in the form of an integrated firewall, intrusion protection functions to maintain network security through one device. This solution includes provisioning, distribution, design, installation, maintenance and attack monitoring. If there is an attack that triggers an alert, there will be periodic reports


Cloud Network Design

Cloud network design helps companies complete high-level cloud network designs according to their needs, using industry standards, best and relevant practices.


Cloud Risk Assessment

Cloud risk assessment helps companies identify and assess risks associated with cloud infrastructure, subsequently finding necessary corrective actions to improve cloud security.


Cyber ​​Security Health Check

can help companies understand potential attacks and weaknesses, how this service works can identify and prioritize activities that function to reduce security risks.


Network Architecture Assessment

this service assesses and documents the company's network architecture design which functions to reduce security efficiency, compliance gaps and unnecessary complexity.


Network Compliance Assessment

Network compliance assessment provides strategic recommendations on network compliance by analyzing the network to determine differences in security compliance needs, regulations and industry standards.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (or what is usually called 'ethical hacking') can provide security consultations to exploit and identify the level of security in a company's infrastructure and applications to reduce the risk if an attack occurs on the system whose function is to protect the system from new threats and vulnerabilities.


Vulnerability Assessment

this service functions to exploit weaknesses, reduce effort, time and costs to maintain the network and provide recommendations on identified weaknesses in the company's infrastructure.


Customer in Needs of DDoS Protection

1. Online Business
E-commerce businesses that sell products or services online are particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks due to their reliance on website availability to serve customers and process transactions.
2. Financial Institutions
Financial institutions such as banks, financial institutions and online payment providers process sensitive financial transactions online. They need to ensure that their services remain available and safe from DDoS attacks that can disrupt business operations and cause financial losses.

3. Public Service Company
Public services such as governments, hospitals and educational institutions are increasingly relying on online services to provide information and services to the public. DDoS protection is necessary to ensure the availability of such services and protect sensitive data.

Benefits of DDoS Protection


Protect websites and applications from DDoS attacks and ensure accessibility for authorized users.


Minimize downtime and protect business revenue.Improve overall 


Prevent DDoS attacks from becoming an entry point for other attacks.


Give customers peace of mind that your website and applications are secure and reliable


Give protection helps organizations stay focused on their core business activities without having to be distracted by emergencies or infrastructure recovery.


Organizations can offer more reliable and secure online services to their customers. This can increase customer trust and open up new business opportunities in the long term.

Advantages of DDoS Protection

DDoS protection can be scaled to meet your organization's needs, whether you have a small website or a large online infrastructure.

DDoS protection is available 24/7 to protect you from DDoS attacks whenever they occur.

DDoS protection is easy to implement and manage, even for users without technical expertise.

DDoS protection is available in various price options to suit your budget

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