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OverviewGameQoo, a cloud gaming service, is here to fulfill customers' entertainment needs in an era of rapid technological development.
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Get to know GameQoo

A cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play various types of games without using a gaming console or downloading updated content


What is GameQoo?

GameQoo is a game streaming service integrated with cloud-based technology which opens up access to various games without a gaming console. With Gameqoo, users can access good quality games licensed by trusted and reliable global game publishers.

Cloud Gaming offers a new and easier way to access video games provided by its integration with the cloud system. Users will save time as they don’t have to wait to play a game while downloading it. With the game quality reaching 1080p 60fps, your customers can play a wide range of games that support multi-player features through computer and laptop without needing a gaming console.

Spesifications & Features

  1. 1. A new revenue stream
  2. A value added service to your existing internet services
  3. Completes the portfolio of internet service providers
  4. Join the conversation and movement of a multi-billion dollar business (Video games)
  5. Indonesians spend around 8.54 hours per week which is slightly higher than the average, and the gaming market is still growing fast. (Source: Limelight Network)
  6. Offer attractive schemes to customers

GameQoo Features


Click and Play

Play games without requiring an exclusive game counsel with high-end graphics


Play Game Instantly

Access games instantly without download


Low Latency

More responsive experience because of the server in Indonesia


Save Game

The game progress can be saved on the cloud and can playback on other devices seamlessly


Internet Required

Internet Required: Stable internet connection with Download Speed ​​> 4 Mbps, Upload > 0.5 Mbps, Ping + Jitter < 50 ms and optimal conditions starting from 20 Mbps


Bitrate Setting

Best experience in playing games with graphics set < broadband internet used

GameQoo’s Specification

  1. Game quality reaches 1080p 60fps
  2. Supports multiplayer format via PC and Laptop without the need for other additional devices
  3. Provide various types of cloud-based games that can be played without downloading
  4. Cooperating with more than 15 global game publishers
  5. There are more than 150 High-quality Games, and will continue to grow every month

Companies Who Can Benefit From GameQoo

  1. Internet service providers who provide their services using STB
    2. Mobile broadband service companies
    3. Television equipment companies wishing to add a Unique Selling Proposition
    4. Airline lounges, train stations, and bus terminals that want to improve customer experience by adding flight or lounge facilities
    5. Hotels that want to add facilities to hotel rooms
    6. Global retail company
    7. Apartments to add facilities to each unit
    8. Adding features to devices such as smartphone companies

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