International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

Go Global with Zero Charged International Outbound Calls

OverviewNo boundaries of hidden cost. Enhance your customer experience with free-of-charge international calls, with easy single access numbers.
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Free Rate for International Call Centers

Enable callers from a specific country to dial an international phone number without being charged using International Toll-Free Service or ITFS (0803-X-XXXXXX). All call fees are charged to subscribers.

ITFS Features

End-to-end connectivity to customers without IP MPLS

Modularly in accordance to Layer Network Customer

Access to manage connectivity system from non-Telkom providers

The choice to manage, operate and maintain owned technical support

Benefits of International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

  1. Easily connect PSTN & all operators to international call centers
  2. Branding & increase credibility of subscriber’s identity
  3. Easy single access number
  4. Branding & increase credibility of subscriber’s identity
  5. Easy access single number

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