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Realize Digital Transformation with Telkom IoT Platform

OverviewIoT connects devices via IP networks to be monitored and controlled by enterprises for resource efficiency.

What is IoT Platform?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a trend in the business sector. The main reason why businesses compete to implement IoT in a series of operating systems is that the technology is the first step to achieving digital transformation, especially in business


Get to Know IoT Platform

In simple terms, IoT is a technology that allows devices to communicate and exchange data using an internet connection. Start from controlling home devices to digitizing and automating machines

The convenience offered by IoT for business is that with proper implementation, IoT technology can do anything to increase business efficiency and effectiveness. IoT service by Telkom Indonesia is a complete service with an in-depth solution, from securely connecting devices to managing, storing, and analyzing data


Our Customers Featured IoT Platform

As technology develops, companies from all industries will need Internet of Things services. But five sectors get benefit from implementing IoT, namely:

Companies engaged in the health sector to reduce medical waste and manage data centers
Companies engaged in the hospitality sector for cost efficiency and personalize layanan
Companies engaged in the financial sector manage data centers and ensure the entire financial system runs without a hitch
Companies engaged in the agricultural sector to increase harvest by digitizing agriculture and farm
Companies engaged in the manufacturing sector to ensure all processes run smoothly, resource allocation, and cost efficiency

Benefits of IoT Platform

  1. Helping accelerate business innovation with the most complete Internet of Things solution services
  2. The best security system that ensures devices and data remain safe
  3. Can be connected to any device according to business needs
  4. Connect, monitor and control devices with one service

Advantages of IoT Platforms



Internet of Things services from Telkom Indonesia are supported by the best technology and professionals in their field so they can be relied on with 24/7 supervision


Complete Solution

Starting from connecting devices to controlling and even analyzing the collected data, everything can be done by Telkom Indonesia's IoT services


High Flexibility

Can be adapted to business needs. Starting from costs to the number of devices connected using IoT services

SLA/SLG IoT Platform







MTTIMax 24 Hours5 Working DaysMax 3 Working Days2 Hours-
MTTRespondMax 3 HoursMax 3 HoursMax 3 HoursMax 3 HoursMax 3 Hours
MTTRecoveryMax 1 DayMax 4 DaysMax 1 DayMax 2 DaysMax 1 Day

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