IP Transit

Stable and Premium Interconnection Solution in Indonesia

OverviewIP Transit by Telkom provides an IP transit solution with 1:1 bandwidth to reference point from your owned internet. Get your productivity boosted by our premium interconnection service

Get to Know IP Transit

The Internet has become a vital part to support any business process or communication. Boost the quality of your company’s service and delivery by choosing the strong and reliable IP Transit service by Telkom.


What is IP Transit?

IP Transit is a large-scale interconnection service to the global internet with reliable performance, bundled with extensive features, Block IP with BGP routing, and Autonomous System (AS) owned by clients. This service is dedicated to clients with owned internet and network resources with the ability to perform 1:1 bandwidth to Telkom upstream provider. 

IP Transit by Telkom enables your company to create an owned-internet provider for better productivity. Our mission is to provide you with the best and most reliable resources to support your business thrive.

IP Transit Services


IP Transit Beda Bandwidth

IP Transit with maximum domestic and global bandwidth gap up to 1:10


IP Transit Burstable

IP Transit service with additional bandwidth capacity. Enabling you to perform 2x burstable committed bandwidth


IP Peering

Mutualism interconnection service of two transactional internet networks in a specific period, such as analytical traffic focus. when a connection between 2 internet traffic is based on traffic analytical focus

Benefits of IP Transit


Enable internet distribution (resale) with ease


Get the largest gateway and coverage across Indonesia


Cost-efficient international gateway


Flexible IP management usage


Get connected with more than 10 upstream global cloud provider


Redundant gateway to enable you to upgrade ISP network performance


IP Transit Service for Industries

  1. Internet service provider company
  2. Companies with high dependance to stable internet connection 
  3. Governmental organizations with data and system focused 
  4. Education sectors with modern learning activity

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