Metro Ethernet

Secured Internet Connection & Wide Area Network

OverviewMetro Ethernet is a QoS supported internet provider offering a more flexible, easy to access, effective and reliable internet connection for your busisness

About Metro Ethernet

Connectivity is an core component of a business. To have a well-run business, companies build and use multiple technologies to help them connected with informations and systems. Ethernet is a solution to connect everything in your system


What is Metro Ethernet?

The more a business grows, the more it collects informations and connect with each other. Ethernet system can help you manage, control and secure your data systems Have a flexible, easy to access, effective and reliable connection anywhere.

Relish the network solution with a bigger capacity with several bandwidth options from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps in one circuit


Spesifications & Features

  • End-to-end fiber optic
  • Using MPLS backbone
  • Best effort traffic with Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) 1500
  • MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) standard network planning
  • 99% service availability rate
  • Supports various network topology
  • Single point with Ethernet Private Line (EPL) system
  • Multi point with Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) system – backhaul and ELAN
  • Low latency under 30ms* and guaranteed throughout rate above 90%*
  • Service monitoring using Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)

Customers in Needs

  • Governmental institutions to support data and system needs
  • Educational institutions to support online school programs
  • ISP and ASP that needs internet connection from or to IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange)
  • Companies that need high capcity internet connection from or to DC & DRC
  • Companies that need internet connection from or to the Head Office with branches / factories / shops
  • Companies that need internet connection for backup data systems or for IT system integration purposes between departments

Benefits of Metro Ethernet

  1. A wide service coverage covering both domestic and international
  2. Reliability: able to meet the requirements of mission critical enterprise applications as well as high quality voice and video services
  3. Flexibility for various services and transportation
  4. Easy to use and maintain system as it is lighter than WAN networks and help customers to save budget
  5. Supports Quality of Service(QoS) such as classification, tagging, policing, queuing

Product Excellence of Metro Ethernet


High scalability

A wide service coverage covering both domestic and international



Detecting network problems and troubleshooting quickly



Reliable Quality of Service (QoS) flexibility for adjustable business needs or budget

Quality of Service (QoS)

- Critical (P2P, P2MP & Mp2MP)

- Best Effort (P2P, P2MP & Mp2MP)

Service Level Guarantee (SLG)



14 day



30 minute



5 Hour




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