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OverviewNetmonk provides a complete, real-time network monitoring solution, detects vulnerabilities, and resolves problems to improve the performance of corporate and customer networks.
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Get to Know Netmonk

Netmonk delivers top-notch monitoring services to provide better visibility over networks and offers complete and exploratory network monitoring solutions from hardware to network traffic analysis. With Netmonk, you can maintain network reliability and business smoothness with more confidence.


Get to Know Netmonk

Netmonk helps maintain quality customer experience by simplifying IT operations through the use of All-in-one Monitoring Tools, designed to enhance efficiency and supervision. This comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions offers a centralized approach to managing your IT ecosystem, ensuring that all components function optimally and any potential issues are identified and addressed swiftly, thus maintaining the integrity of customer interactions and services.

Netmonk Specifications


Operational Dashboard

A special dashboard for network IT operations teams that presents information regarding network devices and network parts (links) that require attention to monitor network performance efficiently


Managerial Dashboard

Dashboard display intended for IT Managers or used in the Network Operation Center (NOC), displays the latest summary of network conditions in a summarized format


Proactive Notification

Receive notifications via the Telegram application or email when there are issues with network devices in your company. Notifications are notified proactively and without the need to constantly monitor the monitor screen


Report automation

Obtaining network performance reports for a specific period becomes more practical with two download format options, PDF and CSV


Utilization of Historical DataI

Information regarding traffic data and resource usage (CPU, Memory, Storage) on each device will be routinely collected and automatically analyzed, in order to determine projected trends and optimal usage limits.


More Secure Monitoring Protocol Support

SNMPv3 provides a monitoring protocol with solid authentication and encryption, ensuring it meets the high level of security standards that enterprises prioritize.

Companies that Need Netmonk

Companies that need Netmonk often find use in a variety of sectors, including educational and government institutions

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use Netmonk as network monitoring for managed customers, so they can ensure the best service can be received by customers

Educational institutions use Netmonk as an important network monitoring tool in operational activities, ensuring smooth and secure connections for learning and administration needs

The government sector also often adopts Netmonk to monitor network devices and internet services, ensuring smooth communication and data transactions

In the financial sector, where network security and reliability are a priority, Netmonk is the solution of choice to ensure the stability and security of financial data

Why choose Netmonk

  1. Easy Network Monitoring: Network Monitoring with 3 modules in 1 application (Network Monitoring, Web/API Monitoring, and Server Monitoring) for your various needs
  2. Competitive price: Special price for wholesale customer purchases with the need for many nodes
  3. Customization can be done: Netmonk offers network monitoring solutions that can be tailored to your company's needs, including custom requests to suit your company's unique needs
  4. Support in Indonesian: You will get full support from our support team without needing to worry

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