Dedicated Cloud (NeuCloud Dedica)

Secure & Dedicated Private Cloud

OverviewGet full control of security and your business. Reduce time spent in infrastructure maintenance and fulfill your requirements at the best cost
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Dedicated Private Cloud with Customized SaaS in your hands

NeuCloud Dedica offers the freedom to customize hardware and software within your control. With optimized high-level security, it scales and meets business needs easily.


Benefits of Dedicated Cloud (NeuCloud Dedica)

  • Reduces downtime & organizational costs
  • More control & customization options for bandwidth or storage
  • Appeal to regulated businesses such as Banking & Public Services
  • Optimized Security & Compliance
  • 4 hour failure hardware replacement

Specifications of Dedicated Cloud (NeuCloud Dedica)

Customizable hardware capacity, self-controlled access to the entire platform, and dedicated hardware that is not shared with any entity.

RFS 1-8 Weeks

RFS 1-8 Weeks on hardware availability

Business scheme


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