Multi Cloud (NeuCloud Multica)

Multiple Cloud Services in One Dashboard

OverviewNeuCloud Multica allows you to fully control, integrate, and leverage multiple cloud service vendors
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Multiple Cloud Services on one dashboard

Goodbye to all the hassle of managing multi-cloud orchestration. Get more cross cloud service providers in one NeuCloud Elastica dashboard.

Features of Multi Cloud (NeuCloud Multica)

  1. Self-Service Integration
  2. Pay-as-you-use (PAYU) with a minimum monthly commitment
  3. Dedicated resource private cloud
  4. Multi-hyper public cloud shared resources

Benefits of Multi Cloud (NeuCloud Multica)

Multi Hyper Public Cloud

Get shared resources and a dedicated private cloud

Real-time Cloud Comparison

Complete and comprehensive reporting

Role based access options

Overview of prices and packages

Automatic Integration

Native Monitoring

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