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Build a Customer Based Business with Omnichannel Communication

OverviewOmnichannel Communication is a mandatory service for every business and company to improve the customer service experience
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Get to Know Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel Communication is a service that integrates several communication channels in one system that will provide a consistent customer service experience. Communication channels include channels on websites, applications, social media, SMS, telephone, messaging applications, and in-store services


What is Omnichannel Communication?

The presence of Omnichannel Communication will provide consistent and coherent customer service to customers with the same quality. According to survey results, 86% of customers want smooth conversations and provide solutions no matter what channel they choose.

It is why businesses and companies must adopt Omnichannel Communication services now.

Variants of Omnichannel Communication

  1. OCA Interactions : Answer customer messages from various communication channels through one inbox, no missed messages 
  2. OCA Blast : Convenient send messages to all customers through various selected communication channels with just one click
  3. OCA WhatsApp Business Accounts API : Get closer to customers through a verified WhatsApp Business account
  4. OCA AI : Create a chatbox according to company needs by creating a flow without coding

Suggested Companies Using Omnichannel Communication

  • Startups

Accelerate business growth by delivering seamless customer and communication experiences. Flexible and adaptable to your team size and needs

  • SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can do many things using omnichannel communication, from managing customer contacts, promotions, and replying to messages from multiple communication channels through one dashboard. Go-Digital has never been easier

  • Enterprises

One of the reasons why companies should use omnichannel communication is to help companies deliver standardized services through all the communication channels they use.


Suggested Industries Using Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel Communication services are increasingly popular because it significantly increases customer satisfaction. The whole industry is interested and starting to apply to the business, but the benefits of this service will benefit companies engaged in the industry:

  • Retail

The industry is constantly changing with the development of the internet, offering more to customers through this service

  • Health

Being able to be contacted from multiple channels and having a standardized experience will change how patients see healthcare

  • Finance

Even though it is engaged in finance, the main thing offered by businesses engaged in this industry is service, so it is important to provide an unforgettable customer experience

Companies that already use Omnichannel Communication Services


Benefits of Omnichannel Communication

  1. 1. Increase customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent experience
  2. Ensuring brand voice is maintained because all channels integrated
  3. Make it easy to access because all customer data is in one system
  4. Evaluate the performance of each agent in a neutral and fair manner
  5. Increase the speed of service, each message automatization to the agent


Contactable From Anywhere

Customers can contact you from a variety of channels of their choice. It will increase satisfaction by accelerating the process of solving customer problems. Your brand will have a positive impact with Omnichannel Communication


Getting to Know Customers

With Omnichannel Communication, customer data is in one system that makes it easy to search and analyze so you can provide more personalized offers


Reducing Wait Time

Omnichannel Communication also has a chatbox feature so that every incoming message will receive an immediate reply. You can even build your chatbox according to your needs without having to do any coding

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