Optimize Your WAN Networks Performance With SD-WAN Solution

OverviewSD-WAN service brings together Telkom connectivity, customer premises and web portals to provide customers with a quality end-to-end service experience.

Overview SD-WAN

Growing companies typically experience increased operational costs, especially in terms of infrastructure for their headquarters and branches. However, with trends such as Cloud, Video and Mobility driving greater bandwidth demand, large enterprises are now looking for solutions to improve their WAN performance. As an ISP, OLO, and NAP, you can fulfill this need by providing the best SD-WAN services from Telkom.


Get to Know of SD-WAN

SD-WAN, or Software Defined-WAN, is an efficient solution for managing WANs. It helps keep costs down and traffic paths secure. It supports various technologies such as MPLS, 4G/LTE, and provides a lighter-weight replacement for traditional WAN routers. With SD-WAN, traffic can be efficiently and dynamically distributed to various WAN connections based on business or application policies.

In addition to efficiency, Telkom's SD-WAN also offers complete security. It enables bandwidth sharing between multiple connections to reduce latency and improve application performance and user experience. Thus, Telkom's SD-WAN is an adequate solution to meet the growing needs of enterprise WAN performance optimization.


SD-WAN Specifications

Basic capabilities and features possessed by the Managed SD-WAN Service offered by Telkom to be delivered to your customers are as follows:

- SIM Card Monitoring, Provision of quota packages, Installation and replacement of cards, SIM Card Monitoring (Availability and Quota)

- Routing

  1. WAN Gateway
  2. Policy-based Routing, determine routing based on policy
  3. Quality of Services, the ability of a network to provide good service by providing bandwidth, overcoming jitter and delay 3.

- Access Control List (Stateless Firewall)- Zero Touch Provisioning, authenticate, connect, and receive configuration instructions automatically from centralized management

- Proactive Monitoring, notify customers if there are incidents related to CPE and links

- VPN Tunnel Encryption, SD-WAN will establish a communication path with VPN Tunnel, the tunnel will be encrypted for secure communication

- Multiple Links

  1. Automatic load balancing or use of manual routing provides to manage SD-WAN 
  2. Support Auto Failover for multiple links using multiple link types 3.

- Orchestration, Automation & Centralized Management, using cloud-based controller to managed SD-WAN Devices

Types of SD-WAN




Small BranchISR1100510
Small Branch with LTEISR1100 - 4G LTE510-LTE-AP
Medium BranchISR1100 - 6G680
Large Branch / Head OfficevEdge20003400, 3800
Cloud EdgeAdjustable SpecAdjustable Spec

Benefits of SD-WAN


Simple & Fast Provisioning

Simplification of Edge SD WAN provisioning compared to traditional MPLS Router, with fewer activities in staging, and a plug & play experience at customer sites.


Flexible Path Selection and Automatic Failover Mechanism

By optimizing each of our WAN Links, we can provide a seamless service experience (no connectivity downtime when the failover mechanism is running).


Application Level QoS Control

Perform QoS control up to the application level, so that users can make effective and appropriate policies for optimizing core business needs, for example: regulating internet user access treatment (between recreational internet purposes & business internet purposes).


Optimization of Cloud Service Access / Cloud on Ramp

Optimization to Cloud Service access via Cloud on Ramp QoE Scoring. So that access to SaaS to the cloud service can be guaranteed quality and experience automatically through the selection of the connectivity link with the highest QoE scoring.


Service Performance Monitoring on Dashboard

Real-time service performance and performance report history on SD WAN dashboard


Reduce Costs

With efficient operations on hybrid WAN, it is possible to optimize cost efficiency

Quality of Service (QoS) of SD-WAN

Every SD WAN platform has been equipped with security features features as part of the service operation.

Logic: 4 hours, Physique: 8-48 hours

Service Level Guarantee (SLG)


SLG Assurance Managed SD-WAN Service

*TTR Astinet (as existing) + TTR SD-WAN


Mechanism Time to Recovery

Logic: 4 hours, Physique: 8-48 hours

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